Yoga Tips: To increase the absorption of nutrients from food and keep digestion right, practice these yogasanas

The habit of regular practice of yogasanas can be helpful in your overall health benefits. Yoga experts say that making a habit of yoga regularly can help in maintaining good digestive health. It is also beneficial in increasing the absorption of nutrients from food. Having good digestive health helps in keeping the body healthy. From children to the elderly, everyone should make it a habit to include yogasanas in their daily routine.

Health experts say that due to lifestyle and dietary disturbances, there can be a negative effect on the digestive system. It can also affect the functions of the digestive organs, leading to poor absorption of nutrients from food. Not only can this condition cause you to be deficient in vitamins and minerals, but it also puts you at risk of developing a variety of diseases over time.

Let us know, which yogasanas can be included in the routine to help in maintaining better digestive health? People of all ages must practice these asanas.

Practice Marjari Asana

Marjari Asana also known as Cat Cow Pose can provide many benefits from abdomen to back. In this pose, alternating contractions of the intestines are practiced thereby increasing fresh blood flow to the epithelial cells. It is helpful in maintaining proper bowel functions and keeping the digestive system healthy. Since the practice of Marjari asana relieves intestinal problems, it can help in increasing the absorption of nutrients from food.

Naukasana benefits in digestive health

Naukasana yoga is also considered very beneficial to keep digestive health better. Making a habit of practicing this yoga can help in keeping the intestines and liver healthy. This yoga helps in stimulating digestion by improving the secretion of digestive juices. The practice of Naukasana yoga helps in keeping the back and abdominal muscles healthy. Naukasana yoga is also considered beneficial in problems like diabetes.

Practice Ustrasana Yoga

Digestive disorders such as constipation and gas problems can be overcome by the practice of Ustrasana yoga. This asana is especially beneficial for the stretching of the digestive organs and the intestines. This yoga can be practiced regularly to open up the chest and improve the capacity of the intestine and lungs. People suffering from cervical problems along with stretching of the spine can also benefit from regular practice of Ustrasana yoga.


Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of Yoga experts. You can contact a yoga guru to know about the correct position of the asana.

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