Yoga Tips: These yogasanas are considered beneficial in increasing the flexibility of the body, do you practice them?

Flexibility of the body is very necessary for better fitness. It helps you to perform all the necessary functions of the body from fast walking, bending, sitting to easily. However, over time, your body can lose flexibility due to aging, a sedentary lifestyle, stress or improper posture. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for you to perform the tasks of daily living.

Flexibility problems can cause arthritis, bone-muscle pain, all people need to be careful about this. Regular practice of yoga helps you in maintaining the flexibility of the body.

Practicing specific yoga poses can help you build muscle strength, reduce feelings of tension or anxiety, and increase body stamina. The practice of yoga is also considered helpful in keeping the muscles of your back, hips, core, neck and shoulders healthy. Everyone should make it a habit to include yoga asanas in their daily routine. Let us know that the practice of which yogasanas is considered beneficial to increase flexibility?

Marjari Asana Yoga Practice

Marjari Asana is also known as Cat Cow Pose. It is considered an effective exercise in better massaging the muscles-organs of the back and abdomen, increasing blood circulation and reducing pain. Regular practice of Marjari Asana yoga is also considered best for improving the mobility and flexibility of your core, neck, shoulders and spine. People who have back pain can also get relief from this yoga.

Dhanurasana Yoga

The practice of Dhanurasana Yoga or Bow Pose helps to stretch the essential muscles of the body, which does not cause problems with sitting and standing. Dhanurasana yoga can help increase flexibility in the muscles in your back, chest, glutes and legs. However, people who have pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulders or back should avoid its practice. Do take advice from an expert about doing Dhanurasana yoga.

Halasana Yoga

Halasana yoga which is also known as Plow Pose can also be very effective for increasing the flexibility of the body and stretching the whole body. Its practice is also considered helpful in reducing excess tension from the neck, shoulders and spine. To overcome the problem of back to shoulder and back pain, benefits can be obtained from the regular practice of this yoga.


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