Yoga Tips: If periods do not come at the right time, then practice these yogasanas regularly

Yoga Poses To Cure Irregular Periods Problems: Menstrual cycle is very important for women. However, women can often have many problems during menstruation every month. Problems like abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, cramps, irregular periods and mood swings are common for women. Often women have menstrual periods ahead of the date of their periods. Sometimes due to delayed or premature periods, there can be many types of physical problems. Constipation, tension and unbearable pain can occur. There are many reasons for menstrual irregularities. However, if women have such problems during periods, then they must see the doctor. Along with this, regular yoga should be practiced to get rid of period related problems. Some yoga poses are beneficial in problems related to the menstrual cycle. Here are the yogasanas that reduce the problem of early and late periods.


If menstruation comes late or early and there is no fixed date for periods, then Malasana yoga practice can get rid of this problem. To do Malasana, sit on the floor. Now exhale while lifting the ankles off the ground. Then while fitting the torso between the thighs, tilt the body forward. Bend both the hands and place the elbows on the thighs. Now rotate the arms and raise the heels slightly. Now come back to the squat position.


Ustrasana can be practiced to get rid of the problem of periods. For this, sit on your knees on the floor and place your hands on the hips. Take a deep breath and hold your feet with your hands. Now turn the back. Hold this pose for a minute, then slowly bring your back to a straight position. Now relax the feet and hands.


To do this asana, lie on your stomach on the ground and spread your legs slightly. Raise the legs and hold the ankles with the hands. Taking a deep breath, raise the chest and legs above the surface. Stay in this position for some time, then slowly bring the body and feet to the floor. Rest for a while, then follow the process here.


If you want relief from problems related to periods, then practice Matsyasana. To do this yoga, lie on your back on the ground and place your hands under your hips. Now, keeping the elbows touching the waist, bend both the legs and bring the knees into a cross-legged posture. Now inhale while joining the thighs with the floor. Then raise your upper body, then behind the head, hold the posture for a few minutes, then release the torso and relax.


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