Yoga Tips: From posture to better digestion, the practice of Matsyasana yoga is beneficial, know its methods and benefits

To reduce the risk of many types of body problems, health experts recommend regular practice of yogasanas to people of all ages. Yoga can be of special benefit to you in strengthening the muscles and bones, increasing the functionality of the organs and maintaining better mental health. From the posture of the body to digestion, experts consider the practice of Matsyasana yoga to be very effective on a regular basis. Matsyasana yoga also known as fish pose, by making a habit of regular practice of which can provide many benefits to the body.

Yoga experts tell, Matsyasana yoga can be practiced easily. Its benefits have been seen in improving the circulation of blood along with better stretching of the body. Due to disturbances in the posture of the body, there can be a problem of back and waist pain, benefits can also be found from the practice of this yoga in reducing the risk of such disorders. Let us know about the method of Matsyasana yoga and its benefits.

How is Matsyasana Yoga done?

Yoga experts say that in order to get the maximum benefit from any yoga asana, it is considered necessary to practice it properly. The practice of Matsyasana yoga is relatively easy though it requires expert supervision.

To practice this yoga, first of all lie down on your back. Bring the feet in the posture of Padmasana. Keeping the thighs and knees on the floor, while inhaling, lift the chest upwards. Keep the upper part of the head on the ground. Remain in this position for some time and then slowly exhale and come back to the original position.

What are the benefits of doing Matsyasana yoga?

Matsyasana yoga can be beneficial for both physical and mental health in many ways. The practice of Matsyasana yoga is believed to be helpful in improving muscle strength, bone stamina, digestion, physical posture, menstrual pain and complications. The habit of practicing this yoga can also be helpful in maintaining better digestion and improving the flexibility of the spine. People of all ages should make a habit of this yoga practice daily.

These precautions are also necessary

People who have problems with blood pressure, who continue to suffer from spondylitis or migraine, are advised not to practice this yoga. Victims of heart related diseases and pregnant women should also avoid doing Matsyasana. Practice any yoga under the supervision of experts, it helps in getting maximum benefits while minimizing the risk of injury.


Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of Yoga experts. You can contact a yoga guru to know about the correct position of the asana.

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