Yoga Tips: Do these yogasanas before sleeping, you will get good sleep and better health

Yoga Asanas Before Sleeping: Good sleep is very important for good health. Seven to eight hours of sleep should be required for good sleep. Although in today’s hectic life, there may be fatigue but there is no sleep. Due to the change in the lifestyle of the people, people stay awake till late at night. Due to the addiction of phones and the habit of watching social media and TV, most of the people nowadays stay awake till late at night. Due to this they do not get good sleep and health is affected badly. In such a situation, by doing some yoga and stretching before sleeping, you can have a good night’s sleep. Yoga and stretching relieve your stress. Along with relaxing the muscles, it also helps in making the body flexible. In such a situation, do these yogasanas before sleeping at night for good sleep and healthy mind and body.


To get relief from the problem of sleep, Shalabhasan yoga can be practiced half an hour before sleeping at night. To do this asana, lie down on your stomach and place both the palms under the thighs. Now keep the claws straight by joining the ankles of the feet. Then take a deep breath while raising the legs. After staying in this position for some time, come back to the previous state.


Regular practice of Shavasana can be done to get rid of the problem of sleeping at night. This yoga can also be done at night before sleeping. To do Shavasana, lie on your back and keep a distance of one foot between both the feet. Then, while relaxing the body from the feet towards the toes, breathe comfortably and leave the whole body loose. This asana relaxes all the tired muscles and shoulders.


With regular practice of Uttanasana, the difference in sleep will soon be visible. To do this asana, stand straight. Now taking a long breath, move both the hands upwards and exhale. Then move the hands down towards the ground and try to touch the toes.


If you do not sleep at night, then you can practice Balasana. By doing this asana, the mind remains calm. To do Balasana, sit in Vajrasana pose and while breathing in, raise both the hands directly above the head. Then while exhaling, bend forward. Keep the palms and head on the ground. Now while inhaling and exhaling, join the fingers together and place the head gently between both the palms.


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