Yoga Tips: Blood sugar will remain under control even in the festive season, you can get benefits by practicing these yogasanas

From Dhanteras to Deepawali-Bhai Dooj and Chhath Puja, this festive season brings with it a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Sweets and variety of dishes make these festivals even more special. But along with this, experts also advise all the people to keep taking care of their health as well. Especially for those who already have the problem of diabetes, even a slight disturbance in the diet can cause many types of challenges.

Excess consumption of sweets, fried or high-calorie items can lead to high blood sugar, which can lead to health complications. Health experts say, take special care that blood sugar does not increase in this festive season. For this, it is very important to keep the routine right along with the right selection of diet.

Practicing yoga regularly can be a better option for diabetics. It is helpful in reducing the risk of factors that increase blood sugar by burning calories easily. The practice of yoga also improves pancreatic function which can help in keeping insulin levels in check. Let us know which yogasanas can be helpful for you in keeping blood sugar under control?

Diabetics should practice Dhanurasana

Practicing Dhanurasana yoga is considered particularly beneficial to prevent blood sugar from rising. This yoga can help strengthen the pancreas and maintain its functions. It is considered necessary for diabetics to burn calories, calories can be easily burned through this yoga. Additionally, this yoga pose can also be very helpful in strengthening the abdominal muscles, promoting digestion and preventing abdominal cramps.

Benefits of Halasana Yoga

Halasana Yoga, also known as Plow Pose, is practiced to bring the legs towards the head while lying down. Diabetic patients can get special benefits from this practice. This practice helps in stimulating the thyroid gland, increasing blood circulation and reducing stress. Its therapeutic effects have also been observed in relieving back pain, headache and insomnia. It is also considered beneficial to keep blood sugar under control by burning extra calories.

Viparita Karani (Legs Up Wall Pose) benefits from yoga

This yoga pose with the legs raised against the wall is considered beneficial for stimulating your internal organs such as the pancreas. In such a situation, this mudra can be especially beneficial in controlling diabetes. Practicing this mudra regularly can also help in controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Legs Up Wall Pose is helpful in improving blood circulation and keeping energy levels up.


Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of Yoga experts. You can contact a yoga guru to know about the correct position of the asana.

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