World Diabetes Day: The problem of diabetic ketoacidosis can be fatal, know about its symptoms and risks

World Diabetes Day: The problem of diabetic ketoacidosis can be fatal, know about its symptoms and risks

The condition of diabetes can seriously affect the body in many ways, in some situations it also becomes the cause of life-threatening diseases. This is the reason why health experts recommend everyone to prevent diabetes and keep blood sugar levels under control. High blood sugar can cause damage to vital organs like eyes, kidneys, nerves, liver. One such uncontrolled and serious condition of diabetes is diabetic ketoacidosis. According to doctors, not paying attention to this problem in time or not being treated for it can also be fatal. Keeping such danger in mind, all diabetic patients should keep an eye on its symptoms.

Every year on 14 November to make people aware about the increasing risk, complications and prevention of diabetes globally. world diabetes day is celebrated. This year’s theme is Education to Protect Tomorrow.

Diabetic experts say that as the cases of diabetic ketoacidosis have seen an increase in the past few years, it has become very necessary to make people aware about its risks. Let us know what kind of complication is this and what should be done to prevent it?

Know about diabetic ketoacidosis

According to doctors, diabetic ketoacidosis is a serious and complex condition of diabetes. This condition develops when the body is not able to produce enough insulin. In the absence of enough insulin, the body starts breaking down fat as fuel. In this condition, acids called ketones start increasing in the blood. If it is not controlled in time, it can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis.

There are many conditions that can trigger this problem, such as physical or emotional trauma, heart attack or stroke, pregnancy, alcohol or drug abuse, etc.

It is important to recognize the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis

People suffering from diabetes need to pay serious attention to the changes taking place in the body. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis begin to appear very quickly. Its timely detection and treatment is considered very important. Symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis can be seen with the help of urine testing kits.

  • feeling very thirsty
  • frequent urination
  • stomach ache
  • being weak or tired.
  • Increased level of ketones in urine.
  • Frequent UTI problems.

Kidney failure is the most common cause of diabetic ketoacidosis, in some people it can lead to serious liver problems. Both of these problems can be fatal in severe cases.

What to do if you get diabetic ketoacidosis?

While blood and urine tests help to detect ketones levels, medical attention should be sought immediately if you are diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. Doctors reduce the associated risks by controlling diabetes through insulin therapy and medicines. This is considered an emergency situation, so timely treatment becomes very important. Delay in treatment or increased levels of ketones can cause damage to multiple organs.

Keep Against Diabetic Ketoacidosis

People who have diabetes problems and blood sugar levels are often elevated, are advised to be careful about this serious health problem. To prevent such serious problems, keeping diabetes under control is considered most important. Keep checking blood sugar from time to time, if you are taking insulin, then do not be careless in it. It is also necessary to get the level of ketones checked on the advice of the doctor.

Such complications of diabetes are considered serious, but they can be prevented by taking good care. Keep paying attention to the symptoms.