Weekly Horoscope (24-30 October): How will the coming week be for all 12 zodiac signs, who will get the support of luck


This week is going to be very auspicious for the people of Aries. In the beginning of the week, you may have to travel short or long distances in connection with career-business. The journey will prove to be pleasant and beneficial. With the help of an effective person, it will help to advance career-business.

If you were on your way to promotion or transfer, it is possible that your wish will be fulfilled this week. Your influence will increase not only in the workplace but also in the society. People associated with politics can get some big responsibility or position.

If you were thinking of buying and selling land and building, then by the end of the week your wish can also be fulfilled. You will also get a lot of profit in the deal related to the land-building. The second half of the week will prove to be particularly beneficial for those doing business in partnership.

This week is going to be very favorable for you in terms of love relationship. If you wanted to express your love in front of someone, it is possible that doing so will make your point. At the same time, mutual trust and love of people already in love relationship will increase. Married life will remain happy. You will get opportunities to spend pleasant time with your spouse. Health will be normal.

Measure: Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day by offering red flowers and boondi to Hanuman ji.


Taurus sign people will have to sweat profusely to fulfill their dreams this week. In the beginning of the week, you will need a lot of extra hard work and effort to get success in your work. During this time, you may have to run more to get your ancestral property or to resolve the dispute related to any other land or house.

If possible, resolve such issues with mutual consent instead of taking them to court. In the middle of the week, you may have to travel long or short distances in connection with work. Travel will prove to be tiring but rewarding. During this, you will get full support of your best friends, due to which you will be able to complete your long pending work.

This time will also prove to be auspicious and beneficial for those working abroad. If your relationship with a loved one had deteriorated, then this week end all misunderstandings will be cleared by taking initiative from your side. Proceed wisely in love relationship and avoid ignoring the feelings of your love partner. Married life will remain happy. Be aware of seasonal diseases.

Measure: Worship Shivling made of crystals with white sandalwood and recite Shiv Chalisa every day.


Gemini sign people will need to take special care of their health and relationships this week. In the beginning of the week, you may be vulnerable to seasonal diseases. Due to which not only you may have to suffer physical pain, but your work can also be affected a lot. In the beginning of the week, be it at home or at work, you should try to avoid small talk of people and avoid disputes, otherwise your long-standing relationship may break or break in it.

In the beginning of the week, extra money may be spent on things related to comfort, due to which your budget may be disturbed. This week, you will also have to avoid postponing your work for tomorrow instead of today, otherwise your finished work may get spoiled. Business people should avoid risky investments in the latter part of the week.

From the point of view of love, you will need to move forward with utmost care this week, otherwise the made-up thing may get spoiled. Avoid revealing or displaying your love affair in a hurry, otherwise you may have to face difficulties. The mind will be a little worried about the child side.

Measure: Worship the troubleshooter Hanuman ji daily and recite Bajrang Baan.


This week is going to be a little ups and downs for the people of Cancer zodiac. This week you will have to avoid any kind of negligence in your work, otherwise you may become a victim of anger of your boss.

Do not make the mistake of leaving your work in someone’s trust and if you do business in partnership, then proceed only after accounting for all things related to money and work. In the middle of the week, there will be an opportunity to participate in any religious or social program.

During this, most of the time of the youth will be spent in fun. In the latter part of the week, working women may face some difficulties in adjusting the balance between their home and work. If you are thinking of converting your love affair into marriage then you may have to wait a little longer for it.

Do not take any such step in a hurry or get carried away by emotions, for which you may regret later. Your married life will remain happy with sour-sweet disputes. However, there will be some concern about the health of the spouse.

Measure: Offer Lord Shiva’s Belpatra or Shamipatra daily and recite Shiva Chalisa or chant Shiva Mantra with Rudraksh garland.


The people of Leo zodiac will get full support of good luck this week. If you do foreign related work or you want to study or make your career abroad, then you can get to hear some good news in the beginning of this week. By removing all the obstacles related to it, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house.

In the beginning of the week, the decision in a big court-related matter may come in your favor, which will remove one of your major concerns. Opponents will be defeated in the workplace and your prestige will increase. Those who are preparing for the examination-competition can get some good news. In the second half of the week, you should avoid rushing in your work.

During this, before signing any paper, read it properly. If you are associated with business and are thinking of expanding it, then before doing so, definitely take the advice of your well-wishers. During this drive the vehicle carefully as there is a possibility of getting hurt. This week is favorable for you in terms of love. There will be opportunities to spend pleasant time with love partner. Married life will remain happy.

Measure: Worship Lord Vishnu daily by offering yellow flowers and recite Narayan Kavach.

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