Vikrant Rona Collection Day 2: ‘Vikrant Rona’ became a rage on the second day, there was a drop of about 60 percent in the collection

Despite Salman Khan’s name being added, the film ‘Vikrant Rona’, which was completely rejected in the Hindi-speaking areas of the country, has eclipsed on the second day itself on the good opening received in Karnataka. The film’s earnings are seeing a decline of about 60 percent on the second day. It was believed that this Kannada film would get a record opening on the very first day by being dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, but after the marketing and promotion of the film was poor, the film did not turn out to be anything special. In this film released in 2D and 3D too, like ‘Ek Villain Returns’, the hero keeps on laughing with a character who does not exist. This similar undercurrent of both the films seems to be the biggest obstacle to their success.

Final figures for the first day

According to the final figures of the first day, the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ made a total net collection of Rs 19.60 crore in the country. Out of this, the film earned Rs 16.05 crore from its Kannada version alone. The film’s collection in Hindi was less than its Telugu collection. While the Telugu version of the film earned Rs 1.6 crore, the collection in Hindi was only Rs 1.3 crore. The film earned just Rs 55 lakh in Tamil. Its Malayalam version was not liked by the audience at all and it earned only one lakh rupees on the first day.

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The film was loose in marketing and promotion

The marketing and promotion team of the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ did not promote the film in Hindi-speaking areas. All Hindi newspapers and news portals did not even have interviews with the film’s director Anoop Bhandari and hero Kicha Sudeep. The entire focus of the marketing team was on the influencers and the English media and none of them could convey the technical merits of the film to the audience. Due to this, the film has earned only eight crore rupees on the second day of release i.e. on Friday, according to the initial figures.

50 crores do not seem to be completed in the first weekend

The film ‘Vikrant Rona’, which earned Rs 19.6 crore on the first day of release, has earned only eight crores on the second day, which means that its earnings have fallen by almost 60 percent on the second day itself. Now all eyes are on the collection of the film on Saturday and Sunday. If the series of earning of the first two days continues even further, then the dream of earning 50 crores in the first weekend of the film does not seem to be fulfilled.

There is a lot of confusion in the script of the film

The film ‘Vikrant Rona’ not only beats with its script, but the acting of the film’s hero Sudeep also does not help much in this. He talks throughout the film just like Chulbul Pandey. The premise of the film is caste conflict. The real mystery of the film lies in the outcome of this struggle between the upper castes and the Dalits over untouchability. The story follows the journey of 28 years and fails to establish a relationship with the hero’s daughter at one point at which the vengeance of the villain of this story is hidden. The disclosure about this girl in the climax of the film makes the audience zero the return of time invested in the story of the film.

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