Urvashi Rautela: This famous singer with two wives and four children proposed to Urvashi, the actress said – between us…

Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela is counted among the most beautiful actresses of the present time. There are millions of fans of her killer look and fashion. It is visible on social media. During a recent interview, he spoke openly about the marriage proposal. During this, he has made such a disclosure that you will be surprised to know.

In an interview given to a media house, when the actress was asked whether she has ever received a strange marriage proposal? To this Urvashi replied yes. The actress said that a famous singer in Egypt had proposed her for marriage. But he had refused. During the conversation, the actress also told the reason behind this. He told that there was a lot of difference between us culturally, so I had to reject this proposal. Along with this, the actress also told that that singer also has two wives and four children.

Urvashi told that she has been faced with many such proposals, but for such big decisions, many things have to be taken care of. Especially women have to think a lot because it is not that easy. In this interview, the actress did not reveal the name of that singer, but she definitely admitted that she is from Egypt and they met in Dubai.

After this disclosure of the actress, people on social media have started speculating about the singer. Commenting on this video, a person has written the name of Egyptian singer Mohammad Ramzan. Let us inform that Urvashi has appeared in an international music video with this singer in the year 2021. The name of this song was Versus Baby.

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