Travel Tips For Diabetes Patients: Diabetes patients should keep these things in mind during travel, blood sugar level will be controlled

Travel Tips For Diabetes Patients: Diabetes patients should keep these things in mind during travel, blood sugar level will be controlled

World Diabetes Day 2022: The most important thing about traveling is to know about the culture of that city or place through its cuisine. During the journey, people taste the food of different places, but it becomes a bit difficult for diabetics to enjoy the local food. Eating outside every day and consuming such food, which has been prepared with so much purity, without knowing all this, there is a possibility of increasing the sugar level of diabetics. During travel and holidays, you are not able to bind yourself to the same controlled routine that you follow regularly. Thus, it becomes a challenging experience for diabetics. World Diabetes Day is being observed on 14 November. Take this opportunity to learn from experts how diabetics can control their blood sugar levels on the go so that they can enjoy the journey in a fun-filled way without any worries.

research local food

Dr. Ganesh Kadhe, working in an international medical company, says that if you are traveling to a city in India or abroad, then a diabetic patient should collect information about the traditional cuisine of that country or region before traveling. Knowing about the dishes related to that place, about which you are unfamiliar, you can decide how beneficial or harmful it can be for diabetics. In this regard, you should consume new recipes only after consulting a doctor or dietician.

Be prepared for local modalities

Different countries or cities have different methods. For example in South India the time of dinner is very early. The food is taken here till about 7.30 pm. Whereas in Spain people eat late at night. The meal time here is usually around 9 or 10. In such a situation, there is a possibility of change regarding the timing of food during the journey. Diabetics should take food according to their prescribed time. Be sure to keep track of how often you need to eat to keep your blood sugar normal and avoid hypoglycemia. Do keep some snacks with you.

maintain a regular diet plan

If diabetics are traveling to a place with a heavy carbohydrate diet, then start measuring their food a few weeks before the journey. That is, having an estimate of how many carbohydrates you are consuming daily, you can try to maintain this diet during the journey. Intake may fluctuate due to deliciousness, social and cultural factors during travel. But diabetics should keep in mind that they must include nutritional supplements in their diet, so that it helps in managing blood sugar levels.

ask open questions

Often when you go to a restaurant, you order the local cuisine of that particular place. However, you do not know which sauces, oils or spices have been used to make the dishes, which later add to the high sugar and fat. So before enjoying the dish, ask the waiter or the chef about the dishes. When ordering food, you can give instructions like ‘No Sugar’ or ‘More Vegetable’ and share your health concerns with the staff about healthy eating.

Health Tips: Consuming these things is effective for diabetics, blood sugar level is controlled