Those 3 cricketers, who used to play for India’s team, went to Pakistan after partition

New Delhi: Our country got freedom after almost 200 years of slavery. India was partitioned as soon as the British rule left. When Pakistan separated on 14th August, India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August 1947. The country was divided, the borders were divided and the talent of India was divided. The players who were the life of the Indian team earlier. Now the identity of the Pakistani cricket team has become. In such a situation, let us tell you on the occasion of Amrit Festival of Independence, about those 3 players who played from both India and Pakistan.

amir elahi
Ilahi, born on September 1, 1908 in Lahore, made his debut for India in 1947. This was his first and last match played against Australia, after which he went to Pakistan. His career in Pakistan also did not last long. Elahi, who played only 6 Tests in his entire career, has 82 runs and 7 wickets to his name. He played his last Test on 12 December 1952 against India.

Gul Mohammed
Before Amir Elahi, the biggest name of those who played Test matches for India and later for Pakistan team comes Gul Mohammad. Born in Lahore, Gul started his Test career with India but with the Pakistan team. Played his debut test match against England in 1946. Surprisingly, he also played matches against Pakistan in 1952-53. When he got the citizenship of Pakistan in 1955, he went on a tour of Australia in 1956-57. Gul’s career spanned a total of 9 Tests.

Abdul Hafeez Kardar
Abdul Hafeez Kardar is the third cricketer to play Test matches for both India and Pakistan teams. He was also born in Lahore. You also made your debut for India against England. Played 3 Tests for India. Kardar was a left-handed batsman and spinner. After going to Pakistan, he also became the captain there. Kardar was the most successful of the 3 cricketers who played for both India and Pakistan. He scored 927 runs in 26 test matches. During this, he also took five half-centuries and 21 Test wickets. Played the last match against West Indies in 1958.

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