T20 World Cup: Monkeygate, Brown Dog, Big Monkey and now Cucumber-Tomato… Why is there a dispute with Team India only in Sydney?

New Delhi: When the Indian cricket team reached Sydney after defeating Pakistan, its spirit was boosted. Team India chose practice instead of resting and reached the stadium. All the Indian players including Captain Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Dinesh Karthik sweated profusely. After hours of practice, a good diet is needed and Team India also expected the same thing, but as soon as it saw cold sandwiches and cucumber-tomatoes to eat, the mind was confused. The Indian team considered it appropriate to eat food after returning to the hotel, returning that food unharmed.

The drama in Sydney isn’t just about food
The drama in Sydney just wasn’t enough. Team India had to go to Blackwood for practice, which is 42 km from the hotel. So the Indian team chose a single day practice. Going so far from the hotel and then coming back. That in itself is tiring. That too when Team India has reached here from Melbourne. By the way, if seen, this kind of friendship between Team India and Sydney is very old.

Monkeygate scandal happened in 2008
If you remember the Monkeygate incident, then tell that the whole matter happened in this city. It happened on this ground. During the Sydney Test between India and Australia at Border-Gavaskar in 2007-2008, Australia’s Andrew Symonds and India’s Harbhajan Singh clashed with each other and it was alleged that Harbhajan called Symonds a monkey. Harbhajan, however, denied this. Harbhajan Singh was banned for 3 matches in this case, but had to withdraw his decision after the team India and the board, including Sachin Tendulkar, were adamant.

Misbehavior with Virat Kohli in 2012
After this, in 2012, when the Indian team went, the cricket fans of Sydney, notorious for their misbehavior, misbehaved with Virat Kohli. He was fielding on the boundary line and the crowd was abusing him. Virat Kohli also showed the middle finger in anger. This gave Australian media a new spice. Everyone saw what Kohli did, but no one was ready to talk to the rude fans.

Bumrah and Siraj were treated badly in 2020-21
Fans were seen abusing fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah and young Mohammad Siraj on the 2020-21 tour. Monkeygate while making racist remarks, even say Brown Dog. The Board of Control for Cricket in India was very upset about this. The police had also talked about taking action against the fans. There is no doubt that the T20 World Cup is an ICC tournament and all the arrangements are made by him, but Team India is going to go to Australia for about 20 days. Earlier he played a match against Pakistan in Melbourne. Had practiced too, but why did the food complaint come only in Sydney? This is something to think about.

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