Swapna Shastra: Is it auspicious to see a snake in a dream in the month of Shravan, is it inauspicious?

Swapna Shastra: Is it auspicious to see a snake in a dream in the month of Shravan, is it inauspicious?

According to physiology, the unsatisfied desires of daily life give an impression of their fulfillment in the form of dreams. According to the scriptures, the dreams seen in the Brahma period are fulfilled in ten days, whereas the dreams of the first half of the night are realized after one year and the dreams in the second half of the night are fulfilled in six months.

The dream of the third watch comes true after three months and the last one in one month. Day dreams are unbelievable. According to tradition, auspicious dreams should not be told and bad dreams should be discussed.

Some dreams are the result of the subconscious mind. Some departed souls have predictions, auspicious or inauspicious signs. Especially in Pitru Paksha, it is very common to see dead souls repeatedly in dreams. She is often seen asking for something and by giving that thing to a living being, she seems to be satisfied and sometimes she is also seen blessing with that thing.

Sometimes they also tell the signs of any evil and ways to avoid it. We have often heard the experiences of many people in their professional career, which are not fanciful but seem to be coming true.

Astrology is very clear about dreams. Moon Manso native. The world of dreams is deeply connected with the mind. Those in whose horoscope the Moon is debilitated in the eighth ie Scorpio, they often have little sleep or have vague dreams.

Even if Mercury or Ketu is with the Moon, they still dream during the day and they are meaningless. The confluence of Moon and Rahu also keeps the mind disturbed. Many dreams come, they do not even stay in remembrance.

People suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosha often see snakes, mountains, rivers, seas in their dreams. They sometimes see themselves flying in the sky or falling from above.

Those who have Gajakesari Yoga in their horoscope, their dreams often act as accurate predictions. In the month of Shravan, the darshan of snakes is seen in association with Lord Shiva. Is seeing a snake in a dream auspicious or inauspicious?

Every dream says something, it definitely has some meaning, often people see such a thing in a dream, seeing which they wake up with fear, after which the thought comes in the mind that the thing seen is auspicious or inauspicious many times. People see snakes in their dreams and it also has a special meaning.

Snakes are considered to be revered in Hindu religion, in our scriptures also the description of snakes is found in many places. Snake is a symbol of deity somewhere, then death somewhere. Since snake is associated with our life somewhere, we can see snakes at any time in our dreams. It is natural for humans to dream of a snake, in such a situation, let us know what indicates the appearance of a snake in a dream.

Seeing snake wrapped around Shivling Some of your wishes are going to be fulfilled soon. You are going to get the blessings of Lord Mahadev. When such a dream comes, go to the Shiva temple and offer water to the Shivling.

Seeing a lot of snakes – Some trouble is going to come upon you.

kill the snake You will easily overcome your impending crisis.

Snake teeth in dream- Someone close to you is going to harm you.

dead snake- You will have a good time ahead.

golden snake- Your luck is about to open.

Seeing snake again and again – You may have paternity.

Looked up – There are sums of acquisition of property.

white Snake – is considered auspicious.

Death by snake bite This means you will get longevity.

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