Sushmita Lalit Relationship: From the announcement of the affair to the sentimental appeal, know what happened in Sushmita-Lalit’s relationship so far?

Sushmita Lalit Relationship: From the announcement of the affair to the sentimental appeal, know what happened in Sushmita-Lalit's relationship so far?

Recently, since the announcement of the relationship between Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi, pictures of these two and many types of news are becoming viral on social media.

Many people are surprised since the news of their relationship came to the fore, while many are still unable to believe it. At the same time, as soon as this news came to the fore, there was an influx of memes on social media.

Meanwhile, now Lalit Modi’s reaction on this entire matter has also come to the fore. Modi, who is facing trolling over his relationship with Sushmita, has shared an emotional post on Instagram.

After this post of his, now once again the news of Lalit and Sushmita’s relationship has given air. So let us know in detail what happened so far in this case-

It started with a tweet by Lalit Modi on Thursday, July 14 at 7.44 pm. In this tweet, Modi called Sush a ‘better half’, after which the news of their marriage intensified. But exactly 42 minutes after this tweet, he made it clear in another tweet that both of them are not married. Along with this, he announced that both are dating each other and will also get married one day.

As soon as the news of Sush-Lalit’s relationship came to the fore, it spread like fire. The romantic pictures of both of them started going viral on social media. Meanwhile, on this, the actress’s brother and TV actor Rajeev Sen told in a conversation that he has no information about this.

He said, “I am pleasantly surprised. I would like to talk to my sister before speaking anything. I don’t have any information about this. My sister hasn’t even confirmed the news from her side yet, so, I can’t comment on it right now.”

After this statement of brother Rajiv, the actress unfollowed him on social media, after which many things started coming to the fore.

At the same time, after the news of marriage, a picture of Sushmita and Lalit started becoming increasingly viral on social media the very next day. Seeing this picture, people started speculating that the couple got engaged secretly.

Actually, in one picture, a big diamond ring was seen in Sushmita’s hand. Seeing this ring in the hand of the actress, people started speculating about the engagement.

At the same time, since this news came out, everyone was waiting for the reaction of only one person. In such a situation, 21 hours after the announcement of their relationship, ending everyone’s wait, Sushmita gave her reaction on this.

He said, I am in a happy place!!! Neither married… nor ring… surrounded by unconditional love!!” She further wrote, “Given enough explanations… now back to work!! Thank you for always supporting my happiness… and for those who don’t support… anyway ‘You have nothing to do with it’!!! I love you guys!!!”

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