Sun Transit 2022: Just before Janmashtami, ‘Sun’ will change the zodiac, strong sums of money benefits for these zodiac signs!

Sun Transit 2022: Just before Janmashtami, 'Sun' will change the zodiac, strong sums of money benefits for these zodiac signs!

Surya ka Singh Rashi me Gochar: Sun God is returning home a day before Janmashtami. On August 17, 2022, at 07:14 in the morning, it will transit into Swarashi Singh. This zodiac change is going to be very good for the employed people.

According to astrology, whenever a planet transits, its direct effect is seen on human life and on earth. This transit of Sun God will also prove beneficial for artistic people as Leo is the symbol of creativity.

But being specific to the natives, the effect of the transit will depend on the location of the Sun in the birth chart and the condition of the native and the house in which the Sun is transiting.

However, this transit of Sun God will provide special benefits to some zodiac signs and may cause harm to some. Let us know which are those zodiac signs to which the change of zodiac of Sun God will provide benefits.


For Taurus natives, Sun is going to transit in your 4th house which represents your mother, domestic life, house, vehicle, property. This transit will definitely benefit the Taurus natives.

This is a very good time for Taurus natives to buy property or vehicles. If you’re planning on doing this, give a thumbs up to that. Since the Sun is also aspecting your tenth house, it will be an auspicious time for you. You will be able to leave your mark on your subordinates and lead the team at workplace.

Leo sun sign

The planet Sun is the lord of the ascendant of Leo and it is transiting in its own sign. Therefore, you will be full of energy and confidence. The transit of Sun in Leo will make your presence noticeable everywhere.

Your leadership and decision making ability will impress everyone. Leo sign people will make financial gains and their social status will increase. Wishes will come true.

The people of Leo zodiac will get the support of their elder brothers and uncles and aunts. All the hard work done in the last one year for career and business will now bear fruit.


Sun is transiting in the twelfth house for the people of Virgo zodiac. The twelfth house represents foreign companies like foreign lands, isolation houses, hospitals, multinational companies.

Since Sun is transiting in the twelfth house of foreign land and Sun is representative of government and power in itself, Virgo natives will benefit from any foreign land, government or high officials.

There are chances of traveling abroad. Virgo sign people who are working with multinational companies or are in import/export business, this will be a good phase for them.


Sun, the seventh lord of Aquarius, will transit in the seventh house of your marriage, life partner and partnership in business. With this transit, your partner will get new opportunities in life.

This time is very favorable for you in terms of health. Your immunity and physical strength will be good during this time. Your enemies will be destroyed, they will not be able to harm you in any way.

Students who are preparing for competitive exams, they will be successful, you will pass your exam well. If you are working in any administrative or government post then you will get success. This will give you the support of your maternal uncle and share a strong bond with him.

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