Salman Khan, Ankit Gupta and Sumbul Tauqeer were shown the mirror as soon as they came back

Salman Khan, Ankit Gupta and Sumbul Tauqeer were shown the mirror as soon as they came back

In the new season of the famous television reality show Bigg Boss, the audience is getting to see something different every day. The show has been entertaining the audience since its inception. In this sequence, the weekend episode of the show was aired on Friday. During this, once again actor Salman Khan was seen hosting the show.

Actor Salman Khan, who has been cured of dengue, once again appeared on the stage of this show in his old style. As soon as he made a strong comeback, Salman Khan took classes fiercely for all the family members. Along with this, questions were also asked everyone about all the activities that happened in the house in the past.

In the latest episode of the show, all the housemates were seen choosing two members of the house who need a guardian in the Bigg Boss house as part of a task. As part of the task, all the family members chose the names of Sumbul and Ankit, after which both the members were made to sit near the board of I need a guardian. Soon after, Salman Khan, who met the family members, first started Sumbul’s class and then reprimanded Ankit Gupta, who was missing in Bigg Boss’ house even after giving constant warnings.

Sumbul annoyed Salman Khan said that the one who is not listening to his guardian outside the house is looking for a guardian in the house. He said that you have remained an example in today’s date. You look like the kind of person who holds back, and keeps on crying and complaining. Not only this, Salman Khan even told Sumbul that she is seen behind in every episode of Bigg Boss. Salman said that Sumbul, who made big claims before entering the house, is now seen as a weak contestant in the Bigg Boss house.

At the same time, Salman Khan, furious at Ankit Gupta, expressed his displeasure over his continuous disappearance from the show. Salman said- Mr. Ankit Gupta why have you come on the show. On this Ankit says that he has come to show Jeetan.

On Ankit’s reply, Salman says that there is no confidence in your way of speaking. No one has kidnapped to bring you here. You have come here from your heart, but looking at you, it seems as if you do not have to live here anymore. Along with this, Salman also said that he is a smart and strong person, who should wake up now and participate equally in the show.

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