Roger Binny: At the age of 67, Roger Binny is the boss of BCCI, how did the native ‘Englishman’ command the British game?

New Delhi: Whenever former India opener Gautam Gambhir criticizes those who remember some selected moments of the historic victories of the 2011 World Cup and 2007 T20 World Cup, he also leads those teammates who do not give credit for their due. Is able to get To some people this may be exasperating, but showing Gambhir’s mirror is the bitter truth, which has always been there in Indian cricket. It is not that any one player takes the credit by himself, but this story is similar, in which a few selected players are made heroes. Then the same poster boy dominates the demand of the public. Something similar happened with the World Champion team of 1983 in the ODI World Cup.

It would have been a joke if someone talked about Binny becoming the BCCI chief 15 days ago.
If we talk to the common cricket fans, then they can hardly tell anything about the name or performance of that World Cup team captain Kapil Dev, other than great batsman Sunil Gavaskar. Why? Because unfortunately there is such a tradition in India that only the captain is made the poster boy. Then like the romantic films of Bollywood, the same story keeps on repeating. Roger Michael Humphrey Binny .. i.e. Roger Binny …. Or say Roger Binny, president of the world’s richest cricket board BCCI. He has replaced former captain Sourav Ganguly as the BCCI boss. If someone had predicted about Binny 10-15 days ago, it would have seemed a joke, but it is true. At the age of 67, Roger has got Raja Yoga. He is the new boss of Indian cricket.

The Indian dream has come true, the name is English, but the style is completely desi
Since Roger has been in discussion for the last few days, the new generation must have been aware that he is the hero of the 1983 World Cup. He created a ruckus with his bowling. Be it Pakistan, the Australian team full of legendary stars, everyone was a victim of their fiery balls. He made the dream of crores of Indians come true by taking 18 wickets. Long height, beautiful face, educated from boarding school, Roger’s name was not only in English, but he was also a gentleman. However, the style was absolutely desi. The team had khichdi with players like Kapil, Sunil, Madan Lal, Syed Kirmani.

There was a ruckus over the entry in the son’s team, then resigned
When was the last time he came into the limelight? Very few people will remember. Stuart Binny was selected in Team India. At that time, Roger Binny was accused of influencing the selection process. In fact, in 2012, he was included in the selection committee of Team India and during his tenure, the only son Stuart entered Team India. He later resigned and revealed that whenever there was talk of his son’s selection, he used to go out. This is the best example of his honesty.

Story is even more fun without son Stuart, Bahu Mayanti or World Cup 1983
If Binny’s story is not limited to son Stuart Binny, daughter-in-law Mayanti Langer or the 1983 World Cup victory. Actually, apart from these three aspects, there are many other things which are more important for the newly appointed BCCI boss. Let’s dive into the flashback. Let’s talk about his schooling. of his father. The story of his national champion javelin thrower becoming a cricketer and the story of India’s first Under-19 World Cup title. …and yes, this story also stars Sixer King Yuvraj Singh and also Mohammad Kaif, who is called the Jonty Rhodes of India. Maybe then you will realize that this superhero (height is much bigger than the World Cup hero) did not get the fame he should have.

Son of Railway Guard, Hero in Javelin and then Champion Cricketer
Let the story begin. Binny’s father Terence was Scottish (thus Anglo-Indian) and a guard in the Indian Railways. He was fond of cricket. His brother i.e. Roger’s uncle was also very fond of cricket. Father used to transfer frequently, so he was enrolled in boarding school. Here he used to play hockey, football. In Javelin, his name was a national record at the school level. He used to get cricket kit as a gift every Christmas. Perhaps this was the reason that despite being strong in other sports, young Roger chose cricket.

Cricket career short, but these stories are big
He had a wonderful cricket career. He was a part of the World Cup winning team. Despite having a solid record, his career was relatively short. Now you must be thinking that if he ended his career as a cricketer in just two-three lines, then it is not so. Binny is in the discussion, so you must have read and known a lot about this. Now let’s talk about 2000 Under-19 World Cup. Whenever it comes to this tournament, the name of Yuvraj Singh, who was the man of the series and captain Mohammad Kaif comes alive in everyone’s mind, but very few people will remember that the coach of this team was Roger Binny. . Under his guidance, the Indian team created history. This was the first time that India won the title and currently has won the title for the most number of times. The same Yuvraj and Kaif were the heroes of the NatWest Trophy 2002 in England two years later. Just as the credit for grooming players like KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Prithvi Sau, Yashasvi Jaiswal goes to coach Rahul Dravid, Binny did the same thing. It is rarely discussed.

Hero in the story of Kapil Dev, then the burden of world champion hope
Binny was also the coach of Bengal Ranji cricket team during the late BCCI and former CAB president Jagmohan Dalmiya. He also held a high position in the Asian Cricket Association. Now let’s talk about administration. Binny was elected the President of Karnataka State Cricket Association in 2019 and now suddenly he is in command of the galloping train of BCCI. This whole story is just as incomplete without that one thing, as it is about the World Cup and Kapil Dev’s unbeaten innings of 175 runs should not be discussed. In this match against Zimbabwe, when India lost 5 wickets for 17 runs, Roger Binny, who came out to bat at number 7, supported his captain and played a valuable innings of 22 runs in 48 balls. It is said that if it had not been for his innings, Madan Lal (17 runs in 39 balls) and Syed Kirmani (24 not out in 56 balls), Kapil would not have recorded 175 not out in his name. Roger Binny bowled amazingly, taking 2 wickets, making the great captain’s great innings worthwhile. Now that the desi ‘Englishman’ Binny has become the Supreme Boss in a game made by the British, here’s hoping for a brilliant innings from him. It is also expected that in his tenure, like the junior team, Rohit’s captaincy team India will become the world champion.

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