Rakhee Gulzar: Rakhi was married to Gulzar on this condition, 47 years ago a ‘storm’ had destroyed life like this

Sometimes this thought comes in my heart…Whose face’s noor and sad eyes also fill color in someone’s life, something like this is the famous actress Rakhi Gulzar of the bygone era. From girlfriend to mother in the 70s to the 90s, the actress has shown her many forms in Hindi cinema. Actress Rakhi, who has earned a name through her best acting in Bollywood, may be away from the big screen now, but she is always remembered for her strong character. Born on 15 August 1947 in Ranaghat, Rakhi is celebrating her 76th birthday this year. So let’s share some anecdotes related to the life of the actress on this special occasion.

At the age of 16, Rakhi was married to a Bengali film director and journalist Ajay Biswas. Rakhi, who grew up very dearly, did not like the atmosphere of Ajay Biswas’s house and after about two years she got divorced from Ajay. However, Rakhi was inclined towards films only after coming with Ajay and she started her career through Bengali films. After divorce from Ajay, the real struggle of Rakhi’s life started.

After the breakup of the first marriage, the actress started playing the best characters in life. Her first Hindi film Jeevan Mrityu was released in 1970, in which she appeared opposite Dharmendra. After this Rakhi went on to sign great films one after the other. During this time he met the famous musician Gulzar. Gulzar liked Rakhi’s personality very much. Gulzar was giving heart to Rakhi at the very first sight meeting. For some time both of them dated each other. Before the matter of marriage, Gulzar put a condition in front of Rakhi not to do films after marriage, which Rakhi had accepted. After this, both got married in 1973.

After a year of marriage, Rakhi gave birth to a daughter, Meghna. Rakhi had no other work at that time except taking care of her daughter, so she made up her mind to return to films. When the actress talked to Gulzar about this, she absolutely refused Rakhi to work. After this, when Gulzar went to Kashmir in search of the location of the film ‘Aandhi’, he also took Rakhi with him.

It is said that when the entire team of the film reached there, a party was held. In this party, actor Sanjeev Kumar drank too much alcohol and in a state of intoxication, he held Suchitra Sen’s hand. Gulzar did not like all this and he managed to rescue Suchitra and somehow went to drop her to the room. When Gulzar returned, Rakhi asked him how did he feel about leaving his favorite actress in the room?

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