Pranitha Subhash: Pranitha Subhash gave a befitting reply to the trolls, said – Star does not mean tradition…

South actress Pranitha Subhash is not only known for her work, apart from this, she also gives her vocal opinion on issues other than acting. At this time, the actress has come in the headlines for some of her pictures. Actually, he had shared pictures while worshiping on Bhimana Amavasya from his Instagram. In which the actress was seen sitting on the ground, while her husband was on the chair and his feet were kept on the plate. After sharing these pictures, people started trolling the actress. For the time being, now Pranitha has given her response on this and has replied to the trolls.

Actress Pranitha Subhash said during a conversation with a media house that “there are two sides to everything in life, but in this case 90 percent of the people have good things to say. I don’t pay attention to the rest”. She further said – I am an artist and our field is glamor, so it does not mean that I will not follow the rituals in which I have grown up.

Talking further about this actress Pranitha said that she completely believes in traditions. His cousins, neighbors and friends have also performed this puja. The actress told that she had worshiped last year also but shared the pictures this year. She said that there is nothing new in this for me, I have always been a traditional girl, so I follow tradition, beliefs and things related to family.

The actress said that she likes to be family from the beginning, as she has been in a joint family and has always been among grandmothers and aunts, uncles etc. She said that Sanatan Dharma is a very beautiful concept, which brings everyone closer and I believe a lot in it. Pranita said that forward or modern thinking does not mean that we should forget our roots. On the question of keeping fast for the long life of husband, Pranitha Subhash said that there is nothing to debate in this, we all pray for each other’s health and well being.

Talking about the personal life of the actress, she married businessman Nitin Raju on May 30, 2021. Some time ago the actress gave birth to a lovely daughter and recently while sharing pictures of her little angel, she told that she has named the daughter ‘Arna’.

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