Praful Patel wants ban on Indian football! FIFA threatens, know the whole matter

New Delhi: Everything is not going well in Indian football these days. In the field, however, its football team is far behind the world level, but there is also a mess in the institutions that run the country’s football. NCP leader Praful Patel, who was the President of the Football Federation of India for a long time, has faced serious allegations. Allegations that describe any Indian citizen as working against his own country.

According to the Indian Express news, Praful Patel has threatened to ban India from FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), the governing body of world football. Following which a Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) filed a contempt petition on Wednesday. FIFA had threatened to impose sanctions on India in a letter sent to the All India Football Federation on August 5. He had sent this letter after the Supreme Court directed him to conduct elections to the Football Federation.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, Praful Patel, who was the Civil Aviation Minister in the Congress government in 2004, was made the President of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) in 2009. He remained the Speaker until the Supreme Court removed him from office in 2022. According to the Sports Code of India, no person can become the President for more than 3 times. Now after removing himself from the post of Speaker, Patel also filed a petition demanding that his term should be extended till the new constitution is accepted and a new Speaker is elected, but the court rejected his Rejecting the demand, a Committee of Administrators (CoA) was formed to oversee the functioning of football.

Who are in the Committee of Administrators (CoA)?
Former Supreme Court judge AR Dabe was made the head of this committee, besides former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi and former Indian football team captain Bhaskar Ganguly. The CoA has appealed to the Supreme Court recommending the removal of Praful Patel from all his posts in FIFA and the Shia Football Confederation (AFC).

What will happen if Indian football is banned?

In October this year, India is to host the Under-17 Women’s World Cup in football. FIFA can also impose a ban if the Indian Football Association does not become a president soon or elections are not held on time. Ban on India means a complete ban on football in the country. If there is a ban, India will not be able to host. The AFC Asian Cup is also to be held next year. If banned, India will not be able to participate in any tournament. No foreign player will be able to come to India to play in domestic tournaments like ISL.

If you support Praful Patel then you will have to face the consequences.
Now Praful Patel is trying to harass the CoA by collaborating with the state football associations. Interfering in court proceedings. The High Court has given a clear warning to the state football associations on Thursday. The Hon’ble Court said that if the state unions participate in the meetings of President Praful Patel, then the court will also take its own action. The top court said it would intervene if the hosting of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup to be held in India was obstructed.

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