Murali Vijay-Dinesh Karthik: The audience was teasing by name of Dinesh Karthik, angry Murali Vijay entered the stand and scuffled

It is said that everyone has a yesterday and it often outweighs today. Doesn’t give up on the future. Same is the case with Murali Vijay. Murali Vijay is often heard taunts after marrying Dinesh’s wife, once a close friend. When a fan started teasing Dinesh Karthik, playing in Tamil Nadu Premier League 2022, Murali Vijay started thrashing him in anger. The video of this moment is going viral.

Actually, this match was being played between Madurai Panthers and Ruby Trichy Warriors. Ruby is part of the Trichy Warriors team, but was not included in the playing XI. When he landed on the ground for some time, a vision started teasing him in the name of Dinesh Karthik. Angry at this, Murli went to the stand and confronted him.
However, when the guards arrived immediately, he returned to the field again. A similar incident had happened a few days back as well. At that time, Murali Vijay had handled that matter well and tried to stay positive by clapping, but this time the dam of his patience broke. In this match, Panthers defeated Ruby by 36 runs.

It is noteworthy that everyone is familiar with the story of Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay’s friendship and then Durao. Both of them played together from domestic to international. There was a strong friendship, but Dinesh Karthik’s growing closeness with his wife stirred up bitterness in this relationship. Karthik later divorced his first wife Nikita, who later married Murali Vijay. Whenever there is talk of these two players, there is definitely a discussion of this dispute.

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