MS Dhoni Education: Father considered the greatest captain incompetent, did not even believe in 10th pass, Dhoni opened the secret

New Delhi: The father of the only captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who made Team India proud in the world and won the ICC trophy in 3 different categories, believed that he would not even be able to pass the board examination. The former Indian captain spoke about how he was average in studies. Father believed that he would not be able to pass even 10th. Also told that he and his father were very happy when the great cricketer passed his board exams.

Dhoni said on the opening of Super Kings Academy at MS Dhoni Global School in Hosur, ‘I was very happy. My father thought that I will not be able to pass (10th board exam). He was very happy that I passed. The captain, who made India champions in the 2007 T20 World Cup and 2011 ODI World Cup, is considered the best cricketer in the world in terms of strategy.

He further said, ‘I was an average student even till I started playing cricket in class seven. So my school attendance started decreasing a bit. Despite this, I used to study. In class 10th I got 66 percent or something like that, whereas in class 12th I got 56 or 57 percent marks.

The legendary cricketer said that whenever he goes back to any school, he thinks about studies and wants to go back to the past, as it reminds him of his school days. Those times were the best. Dhoni said, ‘Whenever I go to any school, it is like a time machine. I go straight back to the time I spent in school. I always believe that this is one of the best times for you. you make friends. Play and study.

Let us tell you that Mahendra Singh Dhoni had landed on the cricket field for the last time for India in the semi-final match of the 2019 World Cup. In this match, India had to face a close defeat at the hands of New Zealand. Dhoni was playing after scoring 50 runs but he was run out. As soon as he was dismissed, India’s hopes were dashed. Since then, Dhoni has not come on the field for Team India again. However, he is playing for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League and will be seen captaining this season as well.

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