Mafia Mukhtar Ansari Has Died At The Age of 60

Mafia Mukhtar Ansari has died at the age of 60. Mukhtar suffered a heart attack in Banda on Thursday, immediately after which he was admitted to the medical college. Now it is being told that he has said goodbye to this world forever.

Mukhtar Ansari’s health was deteriorating for the last several days, earlier too he was rushed to the hospital. But this time the situation worsened and Ansari could not be saved.

At present, there is high alert in UP after Ansari’s death and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also called an important meeting. All the senior officers are present in that meeting and discussions are being held regarding law and order.

For now, Ansari’s medical report has also come out. In which it has been said that Ansari died due to heart attack.

In fact, the family members and Ansari himself had earlier claimed that work was being done to give him slow poison. It was even said that poisonous substances were being given in his food.

But the jail administration had already rejected those claims. It was said then with emphasis. That the food which was being given to Ansari was also eaten by other prisoners of Banda jail. On top of this, police officers also used to eat food, hence nothing is being mixed in the food.

If we talk about the entire incident of Thursday night, it is being told that Mukhtar Ansari was fasting. He used to break his fast every evening. But on Thursday evening his health suddenly deteriorated, he vomited and even became unconscious.

The doctors came to know that it was a major heart attack, so he was immediately sent to the medical college. But despite all the efforts of the doctors, he could not be saved.