Lovlina Borgohain: Sports Ministry swung into action on Lovlina’s complaint, stir in BFI

Just before the Commonwealth Games, the Sports Ministry has swung into action on the complaint of Olympic bronze medalist woman boxer Lovlina Borgohain. Lovlina has accused the Boxing Federation of India of mental harassment on social media. Lovlina says that her coach Sandhya Gurung is not being given entry in the Commonwealth Games Village due to which she is not able to train properly and this is affecting her game.

On this complaint of Lovlina, the Sports Ministry has immediately swung into action and has requested the Olympic Association to arrange for accreditation to her coach Sandhya Gurung.

Lovlina Borgohain: Boxer Lovlina accuses BFI of harassment, creates ruckus before CWG, has won medal in Olympics
Lovlina’s allegation on BFI
Lovlina Birmingham is busy preparing for the Commonwealth Games but her coach Sandhya Gurung is not winning the entry in the sports village. On this, she released a note on social media saying, ‘Today I am saying with great sadness that I am being mentally harassed. I am being harassed every time the coach who helped me get a medal in the Olympics, being removed every time during my practice and competition.

Lovlina Borgohain: Lovlina’s coach Sandhya Gurung breaks silence, BFI has been accused of harassment by Olympic medalist
“Right now my coach Sandhya Gurung is outside the Commonwealth Games Village. They are not getting entry. This has stopped my training just eight days before the game. My second coach has also been sent back to India.

BFI clarified
The Boxing Federation of India has also given a clarification after Lovlina’s allegation. The BFI has said that it is constantly trying to get Lovlina’s coach Sandhya to get accreditation. Although it is in the hands of the Olympic Association, how soon they release it, but hopefully they will get the accreditation by tomorrow.

BFI secretary Hemant Kalita said, “We had given all the names earlier but there is a quota system. There is a 25 percent quota based on the number of athletes who qualify. So we had four officers, including coaches, doctors etc.’ “We have requested the IOA to increase the quota to eight. There will be four games inside the village and four outside. Four coaches will leave the game village at night after spending time with the players during the day.

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Coach Sandhya also reacted
After Lovlina’s allegation, her coach Gurung has also given her reaction after the statement of the Sports Ministry and Boxing Federation India. She has told that she is not able to go inside the sports village due to which she is unable to give training.

“We expect all our boxers to bring medals. Players always want their coach to be with them. I am not able to train Lovlina as I am not allowed to enter the sports village. I hope this problem will be resolved today otherwise I will not be able to train him.

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