Lovlina Borgohain: Boxer Lovlina accuses BFI of harassment, creates ruckus before CWG, has won medal in Olympics

Women boxer Lovlina Borgohain, who won bronze medal in Tokyo Olympics, has made serious allegations against the Boxing Federation of India (BFI). Just before the Commonwealth Games, Lovlina Borgohain has accused the BFI of mental harassment. Lovlina says that due to the politics going on in BFI, she is not able to concentrate on her training.

Lovlina alleged, “BFI officials are repeatedly not allowing my coach Sandhya Gurungji to come to the sports village, due to which I am not able to train so that I am now going through mental torture.”

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Let us let you know that the star Indian boxer Lovlina, who won the bronze medal at the Tokyo Olympics last year, narrated her agony through a social media post. Lovlina alleged that her coach Sandhya Gurung was dropped without informing her just before the games starting on July 28 and then when she was finally included, she is no longer getting entry in the sports village, which made her preparedness is affected.

Lovlina said in her tweet, ‘I am saying with great sadness that I am being harassed. Attempts are being made to influence my sport and training by repeatedly removing the coach with whose help I won the bronze medal in the Olympics. After many efforts, when he went to come, he is not being given entry in the game.

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He said, ‘I am facing a lot of trouble in training and there is also mental torture. This is being done to me when I have only 8 days left to compete in the Commonwealth Games. My other coach was also sent back. I don’t know how to concentrate on my training. For all these reasons, I did poorly in the last World Championship and want to do the same with me in the Commonwealth Games. However, Lovlina did not name any official associated with BFI in her note.

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