Independence Day 2022: Will be colored in the colors of patriotism, when tricolor dhokla will be made in the morning breakfast

This year, in the joy of completing 75 years of Independence Day, the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence is being celebrated. In such a situation, the waves of patriotism will also be rising more and more in the heart of every Indian. If you want to make Independence Day special. So start this day with the tricolor. Now you must be thinking that yes, we put the profile picture of the tricolor on social media. But we are talking about food here. If you want to decorate the tricolor on your plate, then make Dhokla. Tiranga Dhokla recipe is very easy and your plate will be decorated with tricolor too. If you want to spend some special moments with friends on Independence Day. So definitely make this recipe for them. So let’s know what is the recipe of making tricolor dhokla.

Ingredients for making Tricolor Dhokla

If you are going to make tricolor dhokla, then three types of pastes have to be prepared. But it will happen instantly. All you will need is one cup of semolina, one cup of curd, salt as per taste, eno or fruit salt, ginger paste, oil, spinach paste to bring color, it will be healthy too, water, red chili powder, green coriander finely chopped, Saffron Food Colour, Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Sugar, Lemon Juice.

How to make Tricolor Dhokla

To make three colored dhokla, separate pastes have to be prepared. For this, beat semolina and curd in three bowls. Now add ginger paste little by little in all three. Prepare a thick batter by adding salt and water as per taste. Keep this batter for about half an hour. So that the semolina and curd swell and taste good. Now prepare the color in a separate bowl. For this, first boil the spinach and grind it. Leave one bowl white. Add a little saffron color or orange colored food color to the solution of the second bowl. So that the saffron color becomes ready. Then in the third bowl add spinach paste for green color.

Lastly add fruit salt and mix. And pour the batter over the dhokla mould. Take three molds. When the dhokla is cooked, keep it cool and let it cool. Now to prepare the tempering of Dhokla, heat oil in a pan. When the oil becomes hot, crackle the mustard seeds. Also add curry leaves and green chilies. When everything is cooked, add lemon juice and sugar and cook. Boil this water. Simply spread the prepared tempering over the dhokla and enjoy the delicious dhokla.

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