Independence Day 2022: Teach children to love the country, adopting these tips can become ideal citizens of the future

Independence Day 2022: Children are very enthusiastic about festivals like Diwali, Holi and Rakshabandhan. Start the preparation in advance. Start making all kinds of demands. Let us plan how to celebrate the festival. But are your children equally excited about the national festival of the country? Do children know about the importance of the national festival and the ways to celebrate this day? If not, then the parents should also teach the children about the importance of the country and the national festival. In the joy of completing 75 years of independence, the country is celebrating the name Amrit Mahotsav of Azadi. Everyone is joining this celebration. People are hoisting the tricolor in their homes or offices by joining the Tricolor campaign at Har Ghar. In this way, inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the children too. Teach them to respect their country. By adopting some methods, you can lead the children towards patriotism, so that children will be able to become good citizens in future.

Tell kids about Independence Day

Children think that national festivals like 26 January and 15 August are holidays. Tell them about these days. Tell them the story through anecdotes that on August 15, the country was liberated from the slavery of the British. The struggle and martyrdom of Indians are attached to this freedom. Therefore, we celebrate this day as Independence Day and while celebrating our independence, we pay tribute to our brave sons.

Involve in Independence Day Activity

If any kind of activity is happening in the school, college or society on the occasion of Independence Day, then ask your child to take part in it. Through drama, speech or essay competition and many other programs to be held during this time, he will be able to understand better about the country and freedom fighters.

Memorize patriotic songs

Recite and remind children of patriotic songs, national anthem and national anthem. These patriotic songs will bring him closer to the nation. Apart from this, show patriotic films to the children.

theme dress

Often theme parties are organized for young children on the occasion of Independence Day. If this is not happening in the school, then the parents should organize such a theme party in the society and prepare the children by wearing the dress of any freedom fighter, the heroes who contributed to the freedom. With this children will be able to get acquainted with the great heroes of freedom.

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