If the son returns home, I will feed him churma with my own hands.

New Delhi: There is an atmosphere of celebration all over the country today. The children of Haryana have raised the honor of the country. Neeraj Chopra has won silver medal in World Athletics. Although people from all over the country were glued to TV since this morning, but there was a lot of commotion in Neeraj’s village in Panipat. There was a gathering of villagers at Neeraj’s house. As soon as the medal was confirmed, everyone jumped. Laddu started distributing. Neeraj’s mother, aunt, grandmother, women around started dancing and singing. Here there is a tradition of the village, when a happy occasion comes, women start dancing on folk songs. When Neeraj brought ‘silver’ to the country, the mother proudly said, ‘There was full expectation of a medal from the son.’ She said that I will meet my son after about a year, I will feed him by making churma with my own hands.

Whatever the color of the medal…
Neeraj’s mother said that whatever the color of the medal, be it gold or silver… a medal is a medal. While clapping, the mother expressed her feelings and said that today Neeraj has given happiness to the whole of India. How did you feel when you stumbled in the beginning? On this question, the mother said, ‘Once there was panic but I was very happy when I covered it again.’ He said that the purpose of singing folk songs is to express his happiness. Neeraj’s aunt and tai were also seen dancing.

The toughest competition, you can’t imagine the pressure, Anju Bobby George said on Neeraj winning the medal
The mother told that the last conversation on the phone was 15 days ago. He said that mommy, good preparations are going on. When asked about the welcome when she came home, the mother smiled and said that she likes churma, when she returns home, she will make churma and feed her. She will meet her son after about a year. The preparations for the welcome at home have also started.

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