I am a lesbian… After the revelations, the life of the tennis star was in trouble, said – I do not know whether Russia will allow her to come home or not

Russia’s best-ranked female tennis star Daria Kasatkina made a shocking revelation. He admitted to being a ‘lesbian’ and revealed that he is in a relationship with female figure skater Natalia Zabiaco. However, since then he is upset and in an interview he cried saying that he does not know whether Russia will allow him to return to his home.

World number 12 Daria Kasatkina told a Russian blogger that she is in a relationship with Natalia Zabiako, a female figure skater. Kasatkina posted pictures of the two together on social media after the interview. Kasatkina spoke out against the situation in Russia, saying that she would never be able to hold hands with her girlfriend in her home country, which is not possible here.

He said that this notion of someone being or becoming gay is ridiculous. I think there is nothing easier in this world than being straight. If it were easy for me, I would never choose to be gay. No one will, and especially not at all in Russia. By doing this you have to make your life difficult, but what can you do now.

He cried that he didn’t think it would be easy for him to live in Russia. They may not even be allowed to go to their homes. Let us tell you that in 1993, homosexual relations in Russia were decriminalized, but this has changed in recent years.

According to The Council for Global Equality, in 2013 the country passed a ‘Gay Propaganda’ law, which is being used to target the LGTBQ community.

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