Health Tips: Pollution of firecrackers can be harmful for eyes, know what to do and what not to do?

Diwali is the festival of lights, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. Worship of Goddess Lakshmi, lights, rangoli, firecrackers and home decorations are an integral part of the joy of this festival. But keep in mind that even a little carelessness in the celebration of this jubilation can increase the difficulties for you. During festivals, everyone is advised to take special precautions regarding food, routine and ways of celebrating it. Always keep in mind amidst enthusiasm, health is your first priority, it should not be compromised in any way. In this festival of Diwali, with diabetes, there is always a need to be careful about weight and eye health.

Health experts say, eye problems have often been seen in people while lighting firecrackers. The slightest carelessness in the use of firecrackers can not only cause injury to the eyes, but also there is a risk of long-term damage to the eyes due to the pollution emanating from the firecrackers. Such risks have been seen especially in children.

Let us know what special things are necessary to keep in mind to keep the eyes healthy and reduce any kind of risk related to it during the festival of Diwali.

What is the advice of experts?

Ophthalmologists say, the second most common organ affected after hand and finger due to negligence on firecrackers during Diwali is the eyes. Due to the smoke of firecrackers, there is a risk of redness in the eyes with burning and stinging. Apart from this, injury from firecrackers can also cause wounds in the eyes, formation of blood clots or damage to the pupil.

Bottle-fired rockets fly off people’s faces, due to which most cases of eye injuries are seen. Exploding close to firecrackers can also damage the eyesight. To avoid such problems, let’s know what to do and what not?

What to do to keep eyes healthy?

There should not be any negligence regarding safety while lighting firecrackers.

  • Elders should supervise children when fireworks are used. Always burn crackers keeping them away from the body.
  • Remove all flammable materials from the fireworks area.
  • Use a long stick to light the fireworks. So that there is no effect on the hands or eyes due to the explosion caused by it.
  • Wear protective goggles when setting off fireworks to protect your eyes.
  • Most cases of injury to the eyes and face are seen from firecrackers like pomegranate, always burn it from a distance.
  • In case of itching, burning or bruising of the eye, consult an ophthalmologist immediately.
These precautions are very important

Do not ignore these precautions to keep the eyes safe and avoid any kind of problem.

  • Never allow young children to set off fireworks.
  • Do not throw firecrackers lit, it can lead to injury.
  • After touching the firecrackers, do not touch the eyes with the same hand, there is a risk of chemicals getting into the eyes.
  • If any chemical has got into the eyes, immediately wash the eyes and eyelids with water.
  • If there is burning or itching in the eyes, do not rub, immediately wash the eyes with clean water after washing hands.


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