Health Tips: Paneer is a tremendous source of protein, but it can be harmful for such people, take care

Paneer is considered to be the best source of protein for vegetarians. Along with protein, many other types of vitamins and nutrients are also found in it, which are considered essential for keeping the body healthy and fit. However, if you are consuming more paneer to get more benefits in less time, then researchers have also alerted about its many types of side effects. Apart from this, even in some types of physical conditions, experts recommend not to consume paneer. How this wonderful source of protein can be harmful for the body, let us know about it.

Although the nutrients present in paneer are believed to be helpful for overall health benefits, say dietitians, it is advisable to reduce or not consume it in some situations. Consuming it in excess can cause many other types of health problems including digestion. Let us understand in further detail about the precautions regarding the consumption of paneer.

What do dietitians say?

Dieticians say that eating cottage cheese is beneficial for health, but consuming too much of it can prove to be harmful for you. Paneer is high in fat, due to which there is a risk of increasing cholesterol. In such a situation, people who have the problem of high cholesterol should avoid the consumption of cottage cheese. Apart from this, even if you are trying to lose weight, it is advisable to consume cheese in very small quantities.

Although raw paneer offers a variety of health benefits, some studies suggest its risks to pregnant women and the development of the fetus.

risk of digestive problems

Consuming cottage cheese in excess can harm your digestive system. Eating more cheese increases the amount of protein in the body, due to which there can be many types of digestive problems such as diarrhea, bloating in the stomach and gas. If you are also troubled by digestive disorders, then be careful about the consumption of paneer. Health experts say that there may be a risk of digestive problems due to the consumption of paneer in large quantities.

Do not eat paneer if you are a victim of allergies

Dietitians have found that cottage cheese can also be an allergy trigger in some people, although such cases are quite rare but the risks require caution. People with milk-related allergies can also have adverse effects of cheese. Cheese can trigger an allergic reaction, resulting in digestive problems, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or even skin rashes. If you also have digestive problems, then avoid the consumption of paneer.

Even in the event of increased uric acid, people are advised to consume small amounts of protein-rich things, such people should also be careful about the consumption of cheese.


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