Health Tips: Know on World Spine Day, why spinal problems are increasing? how to prevent it

The spine is one of the most important bones of the body. The spine helps in maintaining the correct posture of the body as well as providing structural and better balance. However, in the last few years, related disorders have been seen increasing. Health experts say, due to deteriorating lifestyle, a lot of damage is being done to the spine. Due to this, there may be an increased risk of pain in the parts from the neck to the waist and the development of many types of nerve problems. According to the Global Burden of Disease, low back pain is a rapidly growing problem worldwide, with spinal problems being considered the main cause.

Every year on 16 October to make people aware about the risks of increasing spinal problems and the measures to prevent it. world spine day is celebrated.

Doctors say, lifestyle disturbances have increased spine problems in people of all ages. There is a need to be very careful about this as your quality of life can also be affected due to such problems. Let us know why spinal cord problems are increasing and what can be done to prevent it?

What is the advice of doctors?

Doctors say, it is very important for people of all ages to take care of the spine. Disorders related to this are increasing due to physical inactivity. There may also be a risk of developing spinal problems over time due to some bad eating habits. Body posture should not be neglected to keep the spine in shape. While sitting, keep the spine straight and in a comfortable position. To overcome spinal problems, making a habit of daily walking and exercise can be beneficial.

avoid sitting for long periods of time

Due to continuous sitting, it becomes difficult to maintain neutral spinal alignment, due to which it can increase the tension of the spine. To avoid such problems, try to stand up straight for a long time. If you have a desk job, get up after a while and walk around. Stretching the body from time to time can also help in avoiding problems with the spine.

Make a habit of regular exercise

It is considered essential for everyone to make a habit of regular exercise to keep the spine as well as other bones and muscles of the body healthy. Staying in the same position for a long time can cause pain in the spine. Regular walks, swimming, yoga-exercise habits can be of great help to you in keeping your spine healthy and reducing excess stress. Spinal problems can be reduced by maintaining physical activity.

Dietary Precautions

It is also considered necessary to choose the right diet to overcome the problems of the spine. Anti-inflammatory food items can increase the problems associated with it. Avoid high-fat dairy products, red meat, refined sugar and preservative foods. Eat healthy and nutritious things so that along with keeping the body healthy, weight can also be kept low. This will help in maintaining the health of the spine.


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