Health Tips: Consume these things to prevent arthritis, know what to eat and what not

World Arthritis Day 2022: In India, year after year, the serious problem of arthritis, joint pain and inflammation is increasing among the people. Arthritis is also called arthritis. This disease generally affects the body with age. However, even younger people are now facing the problem of arthritis. World Arthritis Day is celebrated every year to make people aware of this problem of arthritis. Health experts advise all people to pay special attention to diet to reduce the risk of arthritis. If you want to get rid of the problem of joint pain at an early age and want to reduce the risk of arthritis, then you can consume some diet. Here is a nutritious diet to prevent arthritis.

Foods beneficial in arthritis

apple consumption

Apple consumption is beneficial to reduce the risk of arthritis. A phenolic compound called tannin is found in apples, which is effective in relieving the complaint of arthritis.

Vitamin C rich fruits

Consumption of fruits containing vitamin C is also beneficial in the problem of arthritis. In case of complaints of arthritis, patients can take fruits like seasonal, orange, kiwi, lemon, berries, jamun etc. However, there is a right time for the patient to consume fruits containing vitamin C. Do not eat this fruit in the morning or evening, otherwise the pain increases. Eat fruits only during the day.

Vegetables beneficial in arthritis

Consumption of some vegetables is beneficial for the patient of Arthritis. Garlic, ginger, broccoli, spinach, tomato and pumpkin are beneficial in arthritis.


If the patient complains of joint pain, arthritis, the patient should take fish. Fish containing omega 3 fatty acids has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation.

Arthritis patients should not eat these things


Avoid consuming very cold foods or cold water.

Fine flour

Foods containing flour, such as biscuits, snacks and chips, etc. can be harmful for arthritis patients. Maida increases fat and causes gas problems.


Excessive consumption of caffeine is also harmful in arthritis.

oily food

Ghee or oil-based dishes and high-fried foods can aggravate the pain in gout patients.


Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and suggestions from health experts.

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