Health Tips: Are you sick or doing Karvachauth fasting during pregnancy? keep these things in mind

Today is Karva Chauth, women observe this fast for the long life of their husband. Compared to other fasts, the fast of Karva Chauth is difficult, it does not even require drinking water throughout the day. In such a situation, health experts say, if you are a victim of any kind of chronic disease or are pregnant, then decide on fasting only on the advice of your doctor. Not drinking water or not eating anything throughout the day can put your health at risk. Doctors say, it is advisable not to fast during pregnancy from a protective point of view, yet if you are fasting then eat fruit. Staying empty stomach for a long time can be harmful for your health.

Doctors say, since the fetus gets its nutrition from its mother, pregnant women are advised to drink enough water throughout the day and eat a nutrient-rich diet. A pregnant woman needs to take small amounts of food every two to three hours. Apart from this, even if you are suffering from any disease and are taking medicines, then you should keep eating something from time to time. Such people are advised not to keep fast.

If you are still fasting, then it becomes very important to take special care of some things. Let’s know about this.

do not fast

If you are fasting on Karva Chauth during pregnancy or any disease, then do not fast without drinking water, eat fruits. Keep consuming nutritious food and fruits at short intervals so that the body remains healthy and the fetus can get enough nutrition. If you stay empty stomach for a long time, there is a risk of problems with the digestive system. By consuming fruits and vegetables, the body gets the necessary nutrients.

Take care of body hydration

Take full care that there is no shortage of water in the body during the fast. Lack of water in the body can affect the health of both the pregnant and the foetus. Apart from this, all people are advised to keep drinking water from time to time. There can be a risk of low blood pressure due to dehydration in the body. You can substitute fruit juices or coconut water for fluids if you wish.

Give complete rest to the body

It is considered very important to give rest to the body during the fast. Rest, get a good night’s sleep to maintain the energy level in the body to reduce the risk of any side effects. Avoid drinking too much coffee or tea during fasting as it can lead to dehydration. If you feel like weakness, severe tiredness or dizziness, consider it a medical emergency and consult a doctor immediately.

Health experts say that people suffering from any kind of health problems should not fast without consulting their doctor.


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