Guru Vakri 2022: The reverse movement of the planet Jupiter in Pisces for 118 days, there will be a big change in the lives of the people of these zodiac signs

Guru Vakri 2022: The reverse movement of the planet Jupiter in Pisces for 118 days, there will be a big change in the lives of the people of these zodiac signs

Guru Vakri 2022 : According to astrology, out of all the 9 planets, Jupiter is considered to be a planet giving auspicious results. Jupiter changes its zodiac in about 13 months. The planet Jupiter has retrograded in Pisces sign for 118 days on 29th July 2022. Pisces is the sign of Jupiter. The planet Jupiter will be retrograde in Pisces till November 24, 2022. Jupiter always gives good signs in Cancer and is debilitated in Capricorn. In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered as the planet of fortune. Apart from this, the planet Jupiter is the causative planet of knowledge, respect, education and marriage. The people who have strong and auspicious planet Jupiter in their horoscope, they get high position and all kinds of happiness in life. The planet Jupiter, while staying in its own sign, is moving retrograde since July 29. There is a common belief that whenever a planet starts moving in the opposite direction, it has bad effects in the life of the natives, but this belief is not completely correct. Experts of astrology believe that if a planet is in an auspicious house in the horoscope of a person, then they also get the maximum benefit of the retrograde movement of the planets. Let us know which zodiac signs will have an auspicious effect due to the retrograde movement of the planet Jupiter and whose life will bring special changes.


For the people of Aries, the planet Jupiter is going retrograde in the 12th house. The 12th house of the horoscope is related to expenditure, so expenses will increase. You will get some golden opportunities in the job, which you were waiting for for many days. There are signs of loss in financial matters. In such a situation, to reduce the loss, you have to put more emphasis on financial management. There may be some health-related problems.


For your zodiac sign, Jupiter has retrograde in the eleventh house. For you, the retrograde of the Guru is nothing less than a boon. By removing the obstacles, the time to come for you unexpectedly, good sums of monetary gains are being made. You will get full support of luck. There are strong signs of getting many benefits and promotions in the job. Time will be mixed for you in terms of business.


For the people of Gemini zodiac, the retrograde of Jupiter is in the tenth house. You may have to go through financial troubles for some time, but such a situation is not going to last for long for you. You can earn a lot of money on the strength of your patience and intelligence. Time is very good to change jobs, you have to take full advantage of the opportunity given to you. Time is not favorable for starting a new business. It may take some time for the plans to be successful. Your expenses may increase. You will have a good relationship with your spouse. Health problems may come.


For you, Jupiter is retrograde in the ninth house. Time can be very auspicious and full of prosperity for you. There will be better opportunities in the job, due to which there can be a significant increase in your income. The time will be very favorable for the people who run their own business. You will be financially strong. A good and very strong sum of money gains from ancestral property will be created. Spouse will get good support but you may have to face some problems in the health front. You have to take special care of health.

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