Guru Vakri 2022: From July 29, Jupiter will be retrograde, till November 24, 12 zodiac signs will be affected, these 3 zodiac signs will be blessed by Maa Lakshmi

Guru Vakri 2022: From July 29, Guru will be retrograde, these 6 zodiac signs will be most kind, will get benefit and progress

Devguru Jupiter, considered to be the most auspicious and big planet among all the planets, is retrograde from 29 July 2022. Jupiter will move in reverse in his own zodiac sign Pisces. Jupiter will remain retrograde in Pisces till November 24, then it will become wayward after that. Jupiter is the lord of the planets Sagittarius and Pisces. Whereas Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and debilitated in Capricorn. Here high means giving good result and low means bad effect. Let’s do an astrological analysis of how Jupiter will retrograde in Pisces for 118 days, how will it affect all the 12 zodiac signs.

Sheep- It will not be good for you to have a retrograde guru. The retrograde Jupiter in the 12th expenditure house from the zodiac will cause an increase in expenses. There will be failures in work. There will be an auspicious occasion for auspicious works in the family. But there is no need to panic too much because all this will be only for a few days. If new schemes are successful, you will gain money.

Taurus-For you, Jupiter will be retrograde in the 11th house. This is the value of profit. In such a situation, retrograde Guru will be auspicious for you. Successes will come. There will be an expansion in the carburetor. There will be good opportunities to get money.

Gemini-The retrograde of Jupiter will bring mixed results for you. Jupiter transiting in the tenth karmic house from the zodiac can create some problems in the field. There are signs of getting promotion in the job.

Cancer- Transiting in the 9th ie fate house from the zodiac, retrograde Jupiter will give many unexpected results. There will be good profits in business. Will make new plans in which you will also get good success. But special care has to be taken of health.

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