Graphic Design: If you have this skill, then career will be made in film-advertising-animation, salary will also be in lakhs

Graphics Designing: GD industry is worth so many billions in India, if you are skilled then you will get minimum salary

Have you seen Bahubali movie of South Cinema? If seen, then the war scenes, most of Prabhas’s scenes, Tamannaah and Katappa’s scenes were also shot through graphics-VFX. Shot in South’s Ramoji Film City, the film has taken the help of top-notch graphics-VFX studios.

Do you know who works in this studio? We tell that creative people who work in this studio have made graphic designing their career. Because graphic design is not just a course but an art. In which the message is made effective with the help of text and graphics.

In today’s dazzling world, you see messages, logos, brochures, newsletters, ads, posters on the streets and markets, all these are prepared with the help of graphics. So if you also want to earn your name by working in film advertisement or animation.

career in graphics design

Graphic designers are in demand in fields like public relations, news papers, advertising agencies, web page magazines and electronic media. Their demand has increased rapidly in the film, advertising and animation fields. By taking a course in Graphic Designing from, you can make your career even sitting at home.

salary will be so

In the job after the graphic designing course, initially, 15 to 30 thousand rupees are given per month. Thereafter, as your experience increases in this field. Your salary increases by one to one and a half lakh rupees per month.

What’s special about the course

  • 100% job assistant
  • Knowledge of 34 modules, 5 tools and 30 assessments
  • 15 GB reference and project files
  • By Over 15 Class Industry Experts
  • Virtual Studio Tour
  • Internship opportunity in a company
  • 3 Workshops with Industry Experts
  • course completion certificate