Former star cricketer fascinated by Pai-Pi, troubled by unemployment, said- to run family, give work

New Delhi: This must have been something 30 years old or more. When Vinod Kambli scored 793 runs in his first seven matches, he created panic. In 1993, when a batsman scored runs in Test matches at a strike rate of 113.29, imagine how destructive the batting must have been. His best scores that year were 224 and 227. Now that star player of the Indian cricket team is troubled by unemployment. So upset that he is ready to do any work on the field to run his family.

poor financial condition
50-year-old Kambli now finds it a bit difficult to recognize. Wearing a white beard and a hat on his head, when he reached the MCA coffee shop in the past, he looked very thin. The gold chain around the neck, the bracelet of the hand, the big watch, everything was missing. Even the mobile phone screen was broken. Even to reach the club, he had reached with some of his acquaintances.

survive by pension

Vinod Kambli gets a pension of 30 thousand rupees from BCCI and this is his only source of income, for this he is also thankful to the board. The last time he coached a team was in the Mumbai T20 League in 2019. When there is talk of Kambli and there is no mention of Sachin, how can this happen. Talking about his situation, Kambli says that he (Tendulkar) knows everything.

i expect from sachin does not keep
Kambli further says, ‘I don’t expect anything from him, he told me to TMGA [तेंडुलकर मिडलसेक्स ग्लोबल अकादमी] was given the assignment. I was quite happy. He has been a very good friend of mine. He always stood by me. Kambli, who last played for India in the year 2000, was out of the team after just 17 matches. When he played his last Test match at the age of 23, he averaged 54. But alas, he did not return to the team again.

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