Footballer showed private part, shameful act to divert attention from free kick

New Delhi: Colombian professional footballer has committed a shameful act on the field. During the match, he was imprisoned on TV showing his private parts. The player’s name is Geisson Perera. The defender of the Santa Fe Football Club did such an act to distract the opponent from his attention during a free kick. The incident is of Colombia’s First Division match on 17 October. Where the Jaguares (Jaguares de C√≥rdoba) club was in front of the Santa Fe club.

As the attacker stood up to take the free kick, Perera made the shameful act of showing his genitals while pulling down his shorts. According to the Daily Star, the camera accidentally captured the moment they were zooming in on the players defending the free kick. However, Perera’s tactic worked as the goal could not be scored from the free kick. Fortunately, Gayasan Perera could not come to the notice of the umpire.

Despite Pereira’s move, Santa Fe lost the match in the 94th minute after a goal from Jaguares. The result of the match was 2-1. By the way, this is not the first time that an athlete has done such an act on camera. In 2015, when LeBron James was fixing his jersey and shorts during the NBA Finals, his private part was accidentally caught on camera. A runner was caught on camera in a similar fashion earlier this year when his penis came out of shorts while completing the 400m sprint competition.

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