Dream Interpretation: These things come in dreams in Sawan, understand that a lot of money is coming!

Dream Interpretation: These things come in dreams in Sawan, understand that a lot of money is coming!

Dreams in Sawan: The month of Shravan has started. As everyone knows, the month of Sawan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva devotees are always excited about this holy month. During the month of Sawan, the pagoda starts thronging with devotees. There are different beliefs about this month. In the month of Sawan, if you have some dreams about Bholenath or things related to them, then it has special significance. According to Sapna Shastra, dreams are an integral part of our life. Whatever dreams we see in the subconscious state, some of the dreams have meanings and these dreams give us signals. Dreams can be both auspicious and inauspicious. It is said that having dreams related to Shiva in Sawan gives special grace. Let us tell you what is the meaning of dreams seen in Sawan and what effect it can have in your life.

see black shivling

Dreaming of a black Shivling in Sawan is considered a special fruit of Shiva devotion. It has been said that seeing this dream is like seeing Bholenath himself. Pleased with the devotee, Lord Shiva comes in his dream and blesses him. To see such a dream means that you may get some good news soon. If a girl sees this dream, then it is believed that she will get the desired and worthy groom.

Seeing Lord Shiva’s Damru

Damru is considered a symbol of positivity in Vastu. Dreaming of Damru is auspicious. Seeing Lord Shiva’s Damru in Sawan means attainment of Shiva element. This means that positivity will soon be infused in your life. The obstacles coming in your work will be removed.

seeing trident in dream

It is considered auspicious to see the trident of Lord Shiva in Sawan. There are three gunas of Trishul, Raja, Tama and Sat. If the trident of Lord Shiva is seen in the dream, then understand that the grace of Bhole Baba is going to rain on you. This dream indicates that all your troubles are about to go away. Also, you will get benefit in every work.

see snake god

Appearance of Nag Devta in dream in Sawan is also an auspicious sign. It has been said about this dream that whoever sees it gets wealth. Business flourishes and the grace of the innocent remains.

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