Deepayan Banerjee Saregamapa Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family

Deepayan Banerjee Saregamapa Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Girl Friend

Recently popular Deepayan Banerjee, who has made his place in the top 15 of Saregamapa 2021, people want to know about him.

All the judges of Saregamapa are very impressed with his singing. Mother Saraswati resides in his voice. That’s why everyone is comparing him with Kishore Kumar. His voice is also a bit similar to Kishore Ji.

Deepayan Banerjee Short Biography

His full name is Deepayan Banerjee. He is a resident of Kolkata. He is fond of singing since childhood. His age is about 29 years. Their love story started in the school itself. But their love did not last long.

At the age of 20-21, he broke up with his girlfriend. The effect of the breakup was on his life as well as his singing. Deepayan was in depression for a long time. He has a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name on his left hand.

Deepayan Banerjee SaReGaMaPa Age, Height, and Weight

Deepayan Banerjee’s age is 29 years as of 2021. His height is between 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 8 inches. The weight of Deepayan is around 60 to 65 kg. The color of his eyes is black and the color of his hair is also black. He is very fair-looking. The hairstyle is simple but stylish.

Deepayan Saregamapa Social Media Accounts

Deepayan is very active on his Facebook page. He shares his stage performances and life’s best moments on Facebook. He has an Instagram account but he is not active on it. Ever since Deepayan Saregamapa has come in 2021, his number of followers has started increasing.

Facebook Page NameDipaayan Banerjee
Instagram AccountDip_1991
YouTube ChannelDipaayan Banerjee

He also has his own YouTube channel named after him. Deepayan Banerjee has been posting videos of stage performances and cover songs on his YouTube channel. He has about 2k subscribers on YouTube. He has more than 2k followers on Facebook.

Dipayan Banerjee Family & Relationship

We have not got much information about his family yet. We will update you as soon as we know anything. But we can tell you a little bit about his love life, which he himself has told in the audition of Saregamapa 2021. He has a tattoo of the name of his last girlfriend on his left hand. They broke up within 2 to 3 days of the day Deepayan got the tattoo done. It’s also a pity.

Deepayan Banerjee Career

Deepayan Banerjee started his career in Zee Bangla Saregamapa in 2013, now he has made his place in the top 15 of Saregamapa in 2021. He has also recorded a song with Hariharan Ji. Along with this, Deepayan also performs state shows.

He also releases his cover videos on YouTube. We do not have any information about his net worth yet. But very soon we will tell you because research is on. To support Deepayan you can vote on and the zee5 app.