Daren Sammy: Fans lashed out at the love for India on Independence Day, know the Pakistan connection of the Caribbean King

On the occasion of 76th anniversary of Independence Day, the whole country is drenched in patriotism. At the same time, the Tricolor campaign at Har Ghar has put four moons in it. On this special occasion, India is getting good wishes on the anniversary of independence from the country and abroad. One such congratulatory message was also given by former West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy. Sammy wrote on social media, ‘Happy Independence Day India, here I played my last international match.’, But Indian fans did not like this greeting message of Sammy and put his class.

Sammy has been quite popular in India. He has also led the West Indies to the T20 World Cup title under his captaincy and has played for many franchises in the Indian Premier League as well, but despite all this, his love for Pakistan has left Indian cricket fans exasperated.

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In fact, before congratulating India on Independence Day, Sammy had posted a picture of himself on social media in which he is congratulating the Independence Day with the Pakistani flag. Although there is no harm in this, but Indian fans asked him that when you congratulated India on independence, then why there is no tricolor of India.

Sammy was asked by a user, I can see that you have taken the flag of Pakistan. What about the Indian tricolor? Why please Pakistani people?

Another user wrote, this is unfair brother, with us, we feel sorry for you, something for Pakistan and something for India.

A Twitter user wrote, “This man just wants to draw everyone’s attention to himself… This is the same as Pakistan’s economy.

Let us tell you that with the independence in the year 1947, the partition of India also took place. In this partition, India became a part of Pakistan and Independence Day is celebrated only after a gap of few hours in both the countries. Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on 14 August while India celebrates it on 15 August.

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However, in the last few years, Sammy’s inclination towards Pakistan has been more. Due to not performing well in the IPL, he turned to the Pakistan Super League and many times India has read in praise of this neighboring country. For this reason, Sammy has also received the highest honor of citizenship in Pakistan. He has been awarded the honor of ‘Sitara-e-Pakistan’ in Pakistan.

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