CWG 2022: Tejaswin Shankar creates history in Commonwealth Games, wins country’s first medal in high jump

Birmingham: India’s account has been opened in the track and field event of Commonwealth Games 2022 (CWG 2022). High jumper Tejaswin Shankar won the bronze medal for the country. Shankar, 23, won the 18th medal for the country. This is the first high jump medal for India in the history of Commonwealth Games. So far, India has won 5 Gold, 6 Silver and 7 Bronze medals in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

2.22 meter jump

Tejaswin Shankar won the medal for the country with the highest jump of 2.22 metres. He started off by easily clearing the 2.10m hurdle, but four other athletes managed to cross the 2.15m mark. Shankar jumped 2.15 meters in his very first attempt. After this he jumped 2.19 meters. After this, he tried 2.22 meters and jumped and presented a medal contender.

After making 4 consecutive jumps, he could not cross the height of 2.25 meters. At one time the gold medal contenders were seen but after that the medal seemed to be going away with them, but Donald Thomas of Bahamas also failed in the 2.25m effort and Tejaswin won the bronze medal for India. He decided not to take the last jump of 2.28 metres. He was sixth in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Tejaswin Shankar.

Donald Thomas of the Bahamas and Joe Clarke of England also shared the longest jump of 2.22m with Shankar, but both took more than one attempt. On the other hand, Tejaswin had crossed it in the very first attempt. That’s why he got the medal.

Place found on the orders of Delhi High Court
Tejaswin Shankar was not included in the Indian squad for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, against which he had reached the Delhi High Court. He was allowed to join the Games after the court’s direction. He could not even take part in the opening ceremony of the games. New Zealand’s Hamish Kerr won the gold and Australia’s Brandon Starc won the silver. Brandon is the brother of fast bowler Mitchell Starc.

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