CWG 2022: Stadium will be packed in India-Pakistan match, 12 lakh tickets sold before the match

Women’s cricket has also been included in the Commonwealth Games starting this month in Birmingham. Other Commonwealth countries including India and Pakistan will also participate in this competition, in which teams from India and Pakistan are also participating. Teams of India and Pakistan have been fierce rivals of each other on the cricket field. In such a situation, when both the teams land in Edgbaston, Birmingham, their enthusiasm will be at its peak. Because it is expected that the stadium will be packed with spectators to watch this match.

Not only this, 1.2 million tickets have also been sold for the Commonwealth Games starting on 28 July in Birmingham and the organizers say that the local public is taking great interest in the match between the women’s cricket teams of India and Pakistan. Women’s cricket is going to debut in the Commonwealth Games and the India-Pakistan match will be held on 31 July. Many people of Indian and Pakistani origin live in Birmingham.

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Birmingham Games CEO Ian Reid said tickets for the semi-finals and final have been sold out and the stadium is expected to be full for the India-Pakistan match as well.

He said, ‘I myself am a fan of cricket. India and Pakistan are in the same group, so people here are very interested in that match. The Indian men’s team has recently played and now this match will be the center of attraction.

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He said, ‘Tickets for the semi-finals and final have been sold. Hopefully India and England will play in that. Tickets for India and Pakistan match are also almost sold out. More than 5000 players from 72 Commonwealth countries are participating in the biggest sporting event in England since the London Olympics 2012.

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