CWG 2022, Day-1 Schedule: Indian players will present a claim in these matches including cricket, see the full schedule of the first day

Birmingham: The Birmingham Commonwealth Games (CWG 2022) has begun. The opening ceremony was held on Thursday. Now the matches will start from Friday. On the first day, Indian players will present their claim in many games. It includes hockey, table tennis as well as cricket and boxing. Cricket has been included in sports for the first time since 1998. India will face World Champion Australia on the first day.

Kushagra Rawat – 400m Freestyle Heat (3:00 PM)

Ashish Kumar Singh – 100m Backstroke S9 Heat (3:00 PM)

Sajan Prakash – 50m Butterfly Heat (3:00 PM)

Srihari Nataraja – 100m Backstroke H (3:00 PM)

Kushagra Rawat – (If Qualified) – 400m Freestyle Final (11:30 PM)

Ashish Kumar Singh – (If Qualified) – 100m Backstroke S9 Final (11:30 PM)

Sajan Prakash – (If Qualified) – 50m Butterfly cm (11:30 PM)

Srihari Natraj – (If Qualified) – 100m Backstroke Semi (11:30 PM)

India vs Australia – Group A match (3:30 PM)

Shiv Thapa: Men’s 63.5kg, Round 32 (4:30 PM)

Sumit Kundu: Men’s 75kg, Round 32 (4:30 PM)

Rohit Tokas: Men’s 67kg, Round 32 (11:00 PM)

Ashish Chowdhary: Men’s 80kg, Round 32 (11:00 PM)

Yogeshwar, Satyajit, Saif – Men’s Individual and Team Qualifying (1:30 PM)

Men’s Team Final: (If Qualified) (10:00 PM)

India vs Ghana: Women’s Group Stage (6.30 PM)

lawn balls
NayanMoney – Women’s Singles (1.00 PM)

Dinesh, Navneet, Chandan – Men’s Triples (1.00 PM)

Sunil, Mridul – Men’s Pair Round 1 (7.30 PM)

Roopa, Tania, Lovely – Women’s Four Round 1 (7.30 PM)

Saurav, Ramit, Abhay – Round 64 (4.30 PM)

Joshna, Sunaina, Anhat – Round 64 (4.30 PM)

Men’s Singles: Round 64 (10.30 PM)

Women’s Singles: Round 64 (10.30 pm)

table tennis
Men’s Team – Qualifying Round 1 (2:00 PM)

Women’s Team – Qualifying Round 1 (2:00 PM)

Men’s Team – Qualifying Round 2 (8:30 PM)

Women’s Team – Qualifying Round 2 (8:30 PM)

track cycling
Vishwajeet, Naman, Venkappa, Ananth, Dinesh – Men’s Team Pursuit Qualification (2:30 PM)

Mayuri, Triysha, Shushikala – Women’s Team Sprint Qualification (2:30 PM)

Rojit, Ronaldo, David, Esso – Men’s Team Sprint Qualification (2:30 PM)

Men’s Team Pursuit Final (If Qualified) (8:30 PM)

Women’s Team Sprint Finals (If Qualified) (8:30 PM)

Men’s Team Sprint Finals (If Qualified) (8:30 PM)

Adarsh, Vishwanath – Men’s Final (3:30 PM)

Sanjana, Pragya – Women’s Final (5:30 PM)

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