Celebs Social Work: These stars are ideal not only on screen but also in real life, they live to help the needy

Fans keep an eye on every activity of Bollywood stars. In which movie is he working, with whom is he having an affair, where are he roaming etc. Along with the acting of celebs, their personal life also gets full attention from the audience. Some stars are included in the favorite list of the audience just because they play an active role in social work along with acting. There are many such stars, who are always ahead in helping the needy and spreading awareness on important issues. Let’s know about them…

John abraham

Actor John Abraham is known for his acting and action. John, who has acted brilliantly in films, is a good-natured person. Even though he does not reveal much about his social service in front of the media, but he remains active in social work. John is an animal lover. He is associated with animal protection organization PETA. Apart from this, he has also raised his voice many times for the voiceless roaming on the streets. Not only this, according to reports, he has also opened a care home for homeless street dogs. John Abraham showed generosity even during the knock of the Kovid 19 epidemic. He extended his helping hand to the needy. For this, he handed over his social media handles to organizations helping people in Kovid.

Nandita Das

Famous film actress and director Nandita Das is also active in social service. Apart from this, she also works to spread social awareness. In particular, she speaks vocally against apartheid. According to reports, Nandita Das is the co-founder of an ad organization that makes socially conscious advertising films. Not only this, Nandita Das also has a role in the ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign, through which she raises her voice against apartheid. Let us tell you that Nandita Das has done her Masters in Social Work from Delhi University.

Nana Patekar

According to reports, actor Nana Patekar belongs to a farmer family from Maharashtra. He is seen helping the needy farmers financially in drought-hit areas. He is also often seen conducting counseling sessions for farmers to prevent suicides by farmers. Even during the Kovid 19 epidemic, the actor extended a helping hand to the needy.

Dia Mirza

Actress Dia Mirza is one of those actresses who believe in doing her work quietly. He has given importance to social work more than films. According to reports, Dia Mirza also adopted two cheetah cubs from the Prince of Wales Zoological Park in Lucknow in the year 2010. Apart from this, she is also associated with PETA. She also helps the needy by joining many other organizations.

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