Cancer Weekly Horoscope (17-23 October): Know how this week will be for Cancer

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The people of Cancer zodiac will have to avoid doing distant losses in the near profit this week. Do not make any such promise to anyone in the beginning of the week, which you will have to face trouble to fulfill in future.

If you are thinking of buying and selling a land-building, then avoid doing so in a hurry or under the influence of someone else, otherwise you may have to repent later.

Do not take any major decision related to career-business in case of confusion at all. If possible, postpone the big decision for some time or take the advice of a well-wisher. Those who are striving for career-business related to abroad, they will have to wait a little longer to get the desired success.

Those who are busy preparing for any examination-competition, they will need extra hard work and effort to get the desired success. The latter part of the week can be a bit challenging for working women and they may face some difficulties in adjusting the balance between their work and home.

From the point of view of love, this week may remain for you with some ups and downs. There may be a dispute with the love partner about something or there may be some difficulties in meeting him. Do not ignore the feelings of your spouse to keep married life happy.

Measure: Offer water to Shivling daily and do tilak with white sandalwood.

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