Budh Gochar 2022: On July 31, there will be a change in the zodiac sign of Mercury in Leo, the special grace of Mercury will be on these zodiac signs

Mercury, who is called Yuvraj among the planets, will enter Magha Nakshatra and Leo sign after finishing the journey of Cancer at 3:44 o’clock after midnight of 31st July. On this zodiac, they will transit till 04:05 in the morning of 21st August, after that they will move to Virgo. Their change of zodiac has a good effect on the banking sector, youth and education sector, so there will be more movement in these areas. Astrological analysis is done on what will be the effect of their zodiac change for all other zodiac signs.


The effect of Mercury transiting in the fifth education house from the zodiac will give good success to the students who sit in the competition. Strategies will prove to be effective. If you want to apply for any kind of government service, then the result will be better from that point of view as well. There will be intensity in love matters. If you want to take the decision of love marriage, then you will be successful in that too. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. There are chances of child birth and birth for the new couple.

Taurus –

The effect of Mercury will be good while transiting in the fourth happiness house from the zodiac. Matters related to property will be settled. If you want to buy a house or vehicle too, then the planetary transit will be favorable from that point of view too. Be reflective of the health of the parents. Chances of getting good news from friends and relatives too. Efforts made for service or citizenship in foreign companies will also be successful. If you work keeping your plans confidential, you will be more successful.


The effect of Mercury will be mixed while transiting from the zodiac to the third mighty house. On the strength of your quick decision making, courage and energy, you will easily overcome difficult situations. Interest in religion and spirituality will increase. If you also want to see the East, then the opportunity is good to speed up your meditation. You will get the benefit of traveling country. Will actively participate in religious trusts and orphanages and do charity. Relations with younger members in the family will be strong.


The influence of Mercury will make you a more efficient speaker while transiting from the zodiac to the second wealth house. Not only will the means of income increase, the economic side will also be strong and the money given for a long time is also expected to be returned. Money will be spent on buying luxury and expensive items. Time will be better from the point of view of business, but at this time there is a need to be more careful about health, especially stomach and skin diseases. Disputes related to ancestral property will be resolved.

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