Bigg Boss 16: Sreejita Dey raises questions on the background of Gori Nagori, Bigg Boss gets angry over discrimination in the house

In the new season of television’s popular and controversial reality show Bigg Boss, the audience is getting to see dhamaal and ruckus every day. Since the start of the show, there has not been a single day in the house of Bigg Boss when there has been no quarrel and fight between the family members. In the same sequence, in the episode aired on Tuesday, once again there was a fierce ruckus and fighting inside the house. However, this time Bigg Boss himself intervened expressing displeasure over the fight.

The latest episode that aired recently saw a fierce chat fight between Sreejita Dey, Gori Nagori and Tina Dutta. In fact, after Gautam became the captain, different tasks have been assigned to all the family members in a new way. Under this, Tina and Sreejita were doing the cooking work in the kitchen. Then Gori started asking her hand from a towel kept in the kitchen, on which Sreejita forbade her to do so. After this, when Ghori gave her stand on this, Tina and Sumbul also started shouting at them. Seeing this, the argument between the three grew so much that Tina and Sreejita raised questions on Ghori’s standard, class and her background.

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While fighting Ghori, Sreejita even goes as far as to say that her actions reveal where she came from and how she grew up in the environment. Not only this, he discriminated against Ghori by using such words many times, on which MC Stan was very angry and he was seen speaking in support of Ghori. Not only this, Stan even said that he is from the village, so those people are constantly targeted, but this kind of action is not right at all.

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Bigg Boss got very angry with this kind of behavior in the house. After which he called the captain of the house, Gautam, to the confession room. Talking to Gautam, Bigg Boss made it clear that people of all religions, castes and different regions are equal in their house. No discrimination of any kind on any ground will be accepted in their home. So whatever happened in the house today cannot be tolerated at all. After this, Bigg Boss asked Gautam for the nomination this week for the names of four such members who were accused of this discrimination in the house. On this, Gautam nominated Ghori, MC Stan, Sreejita and Tina by naming them.

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